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Yes, learning about caffeine, coffee, tea, and energy drinks was interesting.  But, yesterday (waving), then sports and finally WOOOOO are fun topics – and now, in mid-summer, we might need some fun topics!!!

I picked this link about smiling – so here we go (quoting from that page):

  1. Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened. -Dr. Seuss
    At age 71, I have a lot of memories.  And a lot of smiles!!! God is good!!!

  2. A Warm Smile Is The Universal Language Of Kindness. -William Arthur Ward
    (You know I like the adage, “If you can be anything, be nice!!!”)

  3. A Smile Is A Curve That Sets Everything Straight. -Phyllis Diller
    Just thinking of Phyllis Diller and her on-stage persona makes me smile)

  4. Always Keep Your Smile. That’s How I Explain My Long Life. -Jeanne Calment
    I don’t know what my life expectancy is – as my surgeon said I am lucky to be alive – and I need to keep smiling – and giving back!!!

  5. Smile, It’s Free Therapy. -Douglas Horton
    Yup!!!  At Kiwanis club in Madison, at the end of our luncheon program we sang “Smile and the world smiles with you”

  6. Every Smile Makes You A Day Younger. -Chinese Proverb
    If that was true, I would be negative years old (that is, prior to birth!!!)

  7. Wear A Smile And Have Friends; Wear A Scowl And Have Wrinkles. -George Eliot
    I know people who scowl – and have no friends – I’d much rather smile and have friends – and laugh!!!

  8. If You Smile When No One Else Is Around, You Really Mean It. -Andy Rooney
    Absolutely Andy – my normal disposition is to smile and be happy!!!

  9. Hey, I’ve Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile. -Paul Simon
    Today I have bridge group – and I am going to smile and laugh – whether I win or lose!!

  10. You’ll Find That Life Is Still Worthwhile, If You Just Smile. -Charlie Chaplin
    YES – after my deep depression, life is worthwhile with smiling and adjusting my life and finding deep and meaningful peace in my life!!!

  11. I Add A Smile To Everything I Wear And That Has Worked Great For Me. -David White.  (A smile when you wear a checked shirt and plaid pants will still work!!)

  12. It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Be Negative. You Have To Work At It. But Smiling Is Painless. I’d Rather Spend My Energy Smiling. -Eric Davis
    Yes, I’d rather spend my energy smiling too, Eric!!!
  13. A Smile Is Happiness You’ll Find Right Under Your Nose. -Tom Wilson
    I wrote about “the Pursuit of Happiness” – smiling helps you get there.

  14. I Play Guys Who Never Smile, And I Never Stop Smiling. -Michael Kelly
    You can smile on the inside even if you can’t smile on the outside.  My neighbor growing up was a mortician – a very nice man, but had to wear the concerned face when he was working!!

  15. I Hope You Always Find A Reason To Smile.
    I have millions of reasons – I’m alive, I have a great life and a great future!!!

  16. Just Keep Smiling And One Day Life Will Get Tired Of Upsetting You.
    There are a few things that might upset me – but learning to smile through those bumps in the road is so great!!

  17. Life Is A Camera, So Keep Smiling.
    And … say “Cheese”!!

  18. Your Smile Looks Adorable On You ! You Should Wear It More Often.
    Ah, but I do wear it often!!!

  19. A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear.
    Yup – put on a smile when you put on your clothes (or better yet, just smile always!!)

  20. No Matter What People Think Of You..Always Keep Smiling And Walk Away.
    I smile, establish eye-contact and say ‘hi’ to people in the grocery store – and they smile back to me (and sometimes I get a “hi” as well!!!)

So, do you smile? Do you smile a lot?  Do you grin? Do you laugh? I sure do!!!  (The old Reader’s Digest comment – Laughter is the best medicine!!)



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