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So, what about energy drinks and caffeine?

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As our caffeine database shows, ounce per ounce coffee has more caffeine. For instance:

  • A fluid ounce of typical  filter coffee has 18mg of caffeine.
  • A fluid ounce of a typical Rockstar or Monster has 10mg of caffeine.
  • Take a look at Starbucks caffeine and you see a fluid ounce of their brew has 22.5mg of caffeine.

So, isn’t quite the caffeine that attracts users to energy drinks

  1. Energy drinks have very little long-term safety research behind them, while coffee has been used for centuries and has been extensively researched over the last 100 years.
  2. Energy drinks are more than just caffeine, but a combination of caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, and often herbs.
  3. Energy drinks are often high in sugar, while even sweetened coffee would contain less. A Monster Energy Drink has 54 grams of sugar, which is equal to 13.5 teaspoons!
  4. Coffee is an all natural beverage, while energy drinks are often laden with artificial preservatives, flavors, and dyes.
  5. Coffee is sipped, while energy drinks tend to be consumed quickly thus delivering their dose of caffeine quicker.
  6. Energy drinks are sweet and often fruit flavored, which appeals more to children and teens than does often bitter tasting coffee.
  7. Energy drinks have generated an ever growing list of overdose cases leading to hospitalization and even some deaths. Coffee, historically, has very few of these occurrences.

Therefore, energy drinks can’t really be viewed with the same lens as we would coffee, since essentially, they are two completely different beverages.

There are actually very few people that have or have had negative health consequences from drinking energy drinks, although, most media outlets would want us to believe it is a common occurrence.

We believe education is key when it comes to energy drink consumption. There is more benefit to teaching consumers how to drink energy drinks responsibly than there is demonizing them.

Often what we adults forbid and protest actually becomes even more appealing to the very ones we are trying to protect.


So, when we talk about coffee, energy drinks and caffeine we can really be comparing apples to oranges.

I will be honest, I have had only one (tiny) sip of an energy drink.  It was one of those tables in the grocery store sampling different energy drinks.  I had a mango flavored drink which was nice enough.

For me (and just for me), I try to avoid sugar.  I fight my tendency to gain weight by trying to avoid sugar.

And, also just for me, in my retirement, I am trying to be ‘frugal’ and make that IRA (individual retirement account) last longer.  I can make a pot of coffee at home probably cheaper than buying a Red Bull (or other energy drink) which seem to be in the $1.50 and up range.  Or, I can go down the street to McDonalds and get a large coffee for $1 (or a senior coffee for about 50 cents)

And …(the real reason) – I’m probably a coffee (almost) addict!! 

More on energy drinks and caffeine tomorrow.

Now a short story.  My parents drank coffee.  I didn’t particularly like it and didn’t drink it.  So, I’m off to college and after dinner, a group of friends would gather in the cafeteria and talk. At our cafeteria, the coffee urn was on the end of the main island.  Some of my friends were drinking coffee – so I started. (That was about 54 years ago when I was a freshman!!)

Do you drink energy drinks?


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