Blog #703 I was framed (and more from Homeland Security)

I was framed!!! (and more from Homeland Security’s newsletter)

Just when biometric passwords are safe comes this new article from Homeland Security

The article says:

“It was once the stuff of science fiction security, open your eyes wide and look into the camera to gain entry to the spaceship flight deck or press a fingertip or palm of your against the pad to access the secret database that lets you take control of the baddies’ weapons. Today, of course, iris recognition, fingerprint readers, and other biometric systems are becoming increasingly commonplace. Most modern smartphones have a fingerprint reader that lets you unlock your phone without having to remember a password or number.”

“From a security perspective, what’s to stop a third party “lifting” your fingerprint, and creating a facsimile of its loops, whorls and arches with a piece of a skin-like rubbery material and then presenting this to the biometric device to gain access? The simple answer is nothing! Moreover, for a simple fingerprint ID system, there would be no way for it to know that the presented fingerprint was not part of a living person’s finger rather than a rubber dab.”


So, somebody could ‘lift’ my fingerprints and make new (fake) fingerprints of my hand.  Then at a crime scene, the person(s) who have my fingerprints make sure they have made prints available.  And … all of a sudden I’ve been framed for the crime!!


Economic Impact of Hurricanes and other extreme weather

(also from the recent Homeland Security newsletter)

“June marks the official start of hurricane season. If recent history is any guide, it will prove to be another destructive year thanks to the worsening impact of climate change.

But beyond more intense hurricanes and explosive wildfires, the warming climate has been blamed for causing a sharp uptick in all types of extreme weather events across the country, such as severe flooding across the U.S. this spring and extensive drought in the Southwest in recent years.”


According to researchers, extreme weather and global warming could cut the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  from 6 percent to 14 percent by 2090

In 2017, with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the economic impact on the economy was about $306 billion dollars.  (So, who is going to pay for this? How can be be safe from extreme weather? Will insurance cover these bills?)


How about biothreats?  Again from Homeland Security:

“Today, the challenge is a defense against the biological threat, for which we are at a decided disadvantage. No matter what the source – intentional, accidental, or natural – the Nation and the world are at catastrophic biological risk. We need to take this threat off the table for good.”


So, in some top secret labs someplace a ‘doomsday’ virus that could kill almost all of the population (except those with the antidote) could be developed.  


So, Homeland Security is working hard to figure out what could happen in the future and how to prepare for it.  Thanks, Mitch (and others!!!)


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