Blog #702 Be Prepared for tomorrow

Not a morning person?  Try these things before going to bed)

Today’s article comes from – and gives us some suggestions before going to bed.

Let’s jump in:

-1 Stop after your dinner to mentally prepare

I’m assuming you have a ‘normal’ time for dinner and then take time to prepare while you are still alert.

Put things in your mind.  What is going on tomorrow?  Do you have work? Are their special things that need to be done before tomorrow?  Do you have homework that needs to be finished? Are you working from home or working from a location – store, office, campus?  

Take time to mentally prepare for tomorrow.  Picture yourself calm and collected tomorrow morning.  Anticipate your day. Relax your brain and prepare.

-2 Set things out for the morning

What clothes will you want for the next day? This will depend on  what you are doing – and on the weather. Will you need a tie or a dress? Can you be casual? [and, how much is ‘too casual’].  Who might you be meeting with? There is a concept of “Dress For Success”. Will you be looking successful tomorrow. Not overdone – a formal dress or a tuxedo probably are not needed in most situations!!

-3 Plan your breakfast

Experts have said over the years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Are you planning on good nutrition? I have breakfast every day – and I’ll admit I am pretty boning – oatmeal one morning and eggs the next.  I want to NOT have to think too much in the morning – so being able to do an ‘autopilot’ breakfast is good for me. Do the quick check – do you have your breakfast things on hand?  (Or do you need a quick run to the grocery store)

I like raisins with my oatmeal and {cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, all spice, ground ginger and vanilla}.  [Maybe not your boring instant oatmeal].

Do you want coffee for breakfast?  How fussy are you? I am not too fussy about my coffee so I will put the grounds and water in my coffee maker and as I jump out-of-bed, I turn on the coffee maker before I head to the bathroom.

-4 Prepare your day

Depending on your job, you can plan your day the night before.  If you have a project that must be done, mentally prepare for it.  How much do you need to do. If you are a student, take the time to reflect on each of your classes for tomorrow.  Is my homework done? Have I read the textbook? Did I think about other topics I need to know? Will you have a busy day – running every direction? Do you have meetings?

-5 Visualize your day

Picture yourself on top of your day so you don’t get stressed out.  Put images in your mind of finishing projects – putting things in your mental ‘out-basket.  Try to think of what unexpected things that might pop up. Are there going to be meetings tomorrow?  With whom? At what time? What do I need to know before they happen? What do I need to prepare for the meeting?  Then picture yourself on top of it – put yourself in the center of the image in your mind. You just ‘did it’ – you made the sale, you created the policy that needed to get done.  Picture what tools you might need. And picture the end of your day – walking out to your car confident and proud of all you did today.

-6 Think of your co-workers/colleagues.  Is Mike a sports person? Give a quick peek to the sports scores so you can converse for a few minutes with Mike.  Did others talk about events in their lives yesterday (or last week)? You can ask how the golf game went – or how the concert your co-worker’s child was in. Picture that your colleagues and friends really work well with you and with each other – that you have a great team. Have something pleasant to say to each and everyone that you might meet tomorrow.  The expression “If you can be anything, be kind” makes sense. Be ready to be kind.

-7 Do you take your lunch?

If so prepare it so you don’t have to rush in the morning.  Are you going out for lunch, make sure you have money in your purse or billfold (or, at least a credit card!!)

-8 Other preparations

If you drive to work, is your car ready to go?  Do you need to get gas? Are you doing something right after work (or school) like picking up your mother-in-law for dinner?  Get it in your mind.

-9 Relax before bed

After all, you have been mindful about tomorrow, you have imagined all is going well.  Read a book, reflect on some scripture, work a little on your hobby

-10 And get to bed at a good time

Set your alarm if you need to.  I like to give myself about 8.5 hours of ‘sleep’ – knowing that might lay in bed thinking for a few minutes in the morning.

Good Night all!!!


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