Blog #698 Saving some money – part I

Saving Money

I saw this and thought it was worth sharing.

Let’s go.

-1 Don’t buy on impulse

For big purchase items, use the 30-day ‘rule’. For example, if you are considering a new humongous television set and happen to be walking through a store with televisions prominently displayed – (probably with huge signs saying “On Sale” or “Lowest Price of the Year” – do you buy one immediately?

Do you think this store has the best prices on televisions?  Did you check the comments on the internet from those who bought this set? Can you get it from Amazon? Can you order this cheaper online? Are there comparisons between this brand and others? Do your ‘due diligence’.  Do the research. AND wait at least 30 days before making a purchase.

In those thirty days do you find that you really “need” that television?  Is your old set still good enough? Are the funds you would use to make this purchase available in your budget?  Or would this cut into your savings plan for your kids to go to college?

Note – this is not implying that buying a new television is wrong – but do the analysis before jumping in on impulse!!

-2 Grocery shopping without your list.

I have a pad on my counter where I list the things I want at the grocery store – eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit.  I try to shop from my list – but there are times when I don’t have my list with me (like last night).

I did buy a watermelon what wasn’t on my list, I did buy a large jar of Ranch Dressing (larger than my normal size) as I have been eating more salads lately.  Ranch Dressing was on my list – with a slight impulse bought the bigger size (the cost per ounce jumped out at me as a good buy) I also know that I like some snacks around the house.  They are somewhat planned – but I look at the price and the nutrition panel. How much salt does the package have? How about sugar?

The bottom line is that when I shop without a list I tend to buy things on impulse.  How about you?

-3 Quit smoking

This isn’t a problem for me – but the idea is great for many reasons – save money – and save your health!!  According to the Center for Disease Control, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is $6.28, which means a pack-a-day habit sets you back $188 per month or $2,292 per year.  (If you think back to #1 above – impulse buying, you could buy that new television in a year if you don’t smoke (or vape))!!

-4 Visit the Library

I ‘read’ audiobooks.  I could have a subscription to – but I don’t.  My public library is free – and I can get audiobooks (and e-books) online for nothing.  Yes, the latest bestsellers might already be checked out, so I can put a hold on the book until it becomes available.  

If you read real books, your library has them free for the checkout.  That is better than a regular (or online bookstore).

Sometimes certain books aren’t available – like textbooks – in which case you rent the books – or share with a friend to lower the costs.’

I also use a Free audiobooks service for ‘classical’ books – LibriVox (and there are others).  With LibriVox, I’m listening to Sherlock Holmes, Willa Cather, Charles Dickens and more.

-5 Invest in a high tech thermostat.

These devices can save you energy – and saving energy saves you money!!  They can be programmed to warm up your house before you get up on winter days, and not run your air conditioner at full cooling in the summer when you are at work.

More tomorrow!!!


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