Blog #697 Haters going to hate – part 2

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Haters are Going to Hate – part II

Two days ago we started to look at haters.  Let’s finish that off today.

-6 Control your anger
As people demonstrate their hatred against you (or your company or your beliefs), the important part (according to the article) is to control your anger and control your tongue.  The adage “a soft answer puts away wrath” (Proverbs 15:1)

If somebody wants to spread hate, rise above that.  Count to ten, step out of the room – but control your anger.

-7 Learn from them.  
There are going to be many negative people in your life. Worrying about their opinions of you will only make you worse off. We cannot get everyone to like us. Therefore, haters serve as a great group to learn this lesson.  I am not perfect – I know that. (As do some others). There is constructive criticism (which isn’t hatred) and then that can cross a line and become hatred and anger.

Do you remember the Aesop fable about the man, the boy and the donkey.  They start out going to market and soon somebody comments about the mean man who made his son walk; so the man put his son on the donkey.  Then somebody comments on the lazy boy who made his father walk, so they switched and the man rode the donkey. Then somebody commented about the man riding and the son walking – so the man put the boy in front of his on the donkey.  Then somebody else commented about how they were burdening the poor donkey. Finally, the man and boy got a large pole and tied the donkey onto the pole (by lashing his feet). The donkey finally kicked and got loose and fell into a river and drown.  The moral “Please all and you will please none”.

-8 Be unique
Who are you?  You are unique – and not like anyone else.  The haters may see you as an anomaly and hate you.  Rise above – and do be yourself

-9 Allow the haters comments to motivate you
If the haters revile you – use their comments to motivate you – become a success when the haters say ‘you are an idiot and won’t amount to anything’.

-10 Appreciate your victories
Haters can also be a great way to better appreciate your victories. Accomplishing something after many people told you that you would not be able to is a great feeling.

When hate becomes exceptionally bitter, turn your head, walk away, rise about the situation.  Don’t be goaded into anger or retatation.
Much hate is built on ignorance and biases.  Some white people hated black people so much to enslave them and (later) put KKK crosses in front of their houses and called them ‘dirty N*****s’.  Hitler put the Jews in concentration camps – and had them killed. Some in our society have hated Muslims for running airplanes into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  

One of my favorite verses is from Micah 6:8.  “What does God require of you – but to love justice, show mercy and walk humbly with God”.  Show grace and mercy to your haters. Romans 12:20 says““If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads.”

Let us love one-another!!!


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