Blog #695 Haters Going to Hate

Haters gonna hate!!!

Lately (last six years), I have noticed more hate in the world.  Politically (at least in the United States) Republicans and Democrats have hated each other for years.  I think of ‘statesmen’ – those who can understand other – and those who tried to love and understand each other.

Let’s look at the article:

-1 You are doing something right.

Yup – if somebody is hating you then you must be doing something right.  If you weren’t doing anything – no one would hate you (generally – although there are those who hate at first sight – based on color – or clothes).  

-2 Learn from their attitudes to be more accepting

Don’t resort to hating them – that starts a vicious downward spirals.  Jesus said “love one-another”.

-3 Use their criticism to improve yourself

Actually the criticism you are getting might be helpful.  Let’s say you are a farmer and are planting genetically altered seeds and others are saying that is harmful.  Listen carefully, don’t argue, don’t correct their thoughts. A Proverb says “A quiet answer puts away wrath”.

-4 Be humble

Take the high road.  Don’t become a hater as well.

-5 Learn how to deal with conflict

There will always be differences in opinion.  There is even a concept of “violent’ agreement – where two sides really are in agreement.  Remember the old Miller Lite beer commercials – where one side is yelling “Less filling” and the other side yelling “Tastes Great”.  If you are the center of the conflict- count to ten, take the high road – and (like the proverb) use a quiet answer to put away wrath.

Don’t hate – don’t take their road – love one-another.  

On Friday we will finish this list.

But, tomorrow we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of a very special day!!!


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