Blog #685 Blood Types can be ‘risky’!!

Not all blood is created equal!!!

Hey – we just finished the series on Blood Pressure!!

Well, yes, but then I saw this article – on blood type.

If you remember blood types are A, B AB, and O  and then positive or negative. I am an O positive blood type person.

So what?

This article says “Trauma-related death rates for those with type O blood were 28 percent, compared to 11 percent among those with other blood types. While more research is needed to understand the link between blood type and post-trauma outcomes, the study authors suggest that type O blood contains lower levels of blood clotting agents, which may contribute to more bleeding.”

So, if I am injured in an accident and have major trauma – and major blood loss – and receive blood transfusions, I am at a much higher risk (28% compared to 11% with other types of blood) because of having O positive blood and my blood not clotting (and thus, the bleeding might not stop as quickly!!)


But, that risk of blood clotting is positive for us “O positive” people.  The article states “Heart attacks and stroke are also clotting problems. If a clot blocks blood flow to the heart, that’s a heart attack; if it blocks blood flow to the brain, it’s a stroke. People with blood type A have a 24 percent higher risk of heart attack than people than people with AB or O blood types. For stroke, people with type AB blood have an 83 percent higher risk.”

So, if I have a major accident and my blood might not clot quickly enough; but those people (especially those with type A) have a higher risk of heart attacks as the blood vessels around the heart might clot and not provide blood to the heart.

And, that people with AB blood have an 83% higher risk of a blood clot going to the brain – and thus inducing a stroke as compared to type O people.


How might blood type relate to dementia?  For us type O people it is much better than those with other blood types.

The article states “A 2014 study published in NeurFor many of these conditions, like heart disease and cancer, lifestyle and other factors will increase or decrease your risk much more than blood type.ology of more than 1,000 people suggests that people with blood type AB have an 82 percent greater risk of cognitive impairment than people with other blood types.” (cognitive impairment is brain diseases).

“On the other hand, type O may protect against memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease. A 2015 study published in Brain Research Bulletin found that out of 189 people who had undergone brain MRIs, the brains of those with blood type O had the greatest amount of grey matter in their brains, providing possible protection against dementia.”

The article concludes this way “For many of these conditions, like heart disease and cancer, lifestyle and other factors will increase or decrease your risk much more than blood type. […] No one will be doomed to have a heart attack because of their blood type. For all people, the way to reduce their risk of disease is common-sense steps like no smoking.” (and keeping your weight down, cutting back on salt and high blood pressure).

Who would have thought that blood type might be a factor for clotting risks (or for dementia)?  What magical and mystical things are bodies are. Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


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