Blog #670 Infomation Overload – part II


I started looking at TOO MUCH INFORMATION yesterday!!!

Yes (from the article)

“Professionals struggling with information overload are typically ambitious, highly driven people who:

-I Feel they’re at the end of their rope

-I Have trouble sleeping

-I Are anxious, irritable and unfocused

-I Feel stressed out

-I Are overwhelmed by life

And, are you ready for this?  
Q: What causes “Information Overload”?  



The article goes on to quality that statement (about too much information).

For example:  Years ago, I/we applied for a mortgage to buy our first house.  We went to a local bank (“our bank”), filled out an application (on paper), signed it.  We also took tax records, employment records, marriage certificate to verify that we were ‘worthy’ of a house loan.

Today, we can apply for a loan and get instant approval (or rejection).  The data, credit scores, and much more is readily available (electronically) and the algorithm can decide if we get the loan or not.  (Maybe it might have a human to review special cases).

Another example:

You are a marketing pro for the XYZ company.  Your biggest competitor announced today that they are lowering the price on their product that competes with your product.  Management comes to you at 9:00 and asks “What can we do to counteract this situation. And, I need to know today before our 2:00 p.m. meeting with the board of directors.”  

So, you have about five hours (not counting lunch where you will run to the cafeteria and get a sandwich to eat at your desk) to put all the figures together for your manager.  Is that stressful? Yes!! Will you have to do a lot of data analysis? Yes!!! Can you do it? Maybe. [And, what if you do it wrong and give your manager an analysis that says we can cut our price on that item – and you really can’t cut the price and keep the business afloat?  Goodbye job!!!]

Maybe you have to contact your manufacturing facility in China to see if they can cut the manufacturing costs.  Maybe the contact person in China is sleeping – and you can’t get an answer? Maybe the contact person in China says “Sure, we can cut the manufacturing costs” – and six months later you are getting all kinds of flack because your ‘cheaper’ product is also much inferior to the current product.  

Are you going to compete on price?  On quality? On customer service? Where can you skim a few cents off your price?  Can you do it?

It all takes data – and it all introduces more stress into your life.

Think on this – and more tomorrow!!!


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