Blog #665 Fracking part II

A look at Fracking II

Here is another look at fracking – and the effect fracking has on the environment.

(Disclaimer – like yesterday – different ‘experts’ view fracking differently.  The Texas Oil and Gas industry told us that fracking is an economic way of getting energy; today, this investing group says it harms the environment and affects greenhouse gasses and global warming!!)

The article states:

“Fracking and Air Quality

One of the main chemicals released in the fracking process is methane, and it is estimated that 4% of it escapes into the atmosphere during extraction. Because methane is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide in terms of trapping heat, the release of this gas is detrimental to the air quality of surrounding fracking sites. Additionally, the ancillary components of fracking directly increase air pollution at well sites.”

Continuing from the article:

“Waste water is also an issue at fracking sites. Between 20% and 40% of the water used for fracking that is returned to the ground surface consists of toxic contaminants. The presence of wastewater has harmful ramifications for the environment, as it cannot be easily treated and returned to a usable state – for purposes other than fracking, that is.”


From yesterday’s article from the Texas For Natural Gas group, they talk about water:

“Over 99 percent of fracking fluid is water and sand. The other additives are things you’ll also find under your kitchen sink. One of the most prevalent additives is guar, which is an emulsifying agent that’s also found in ice cream, toothpaste, and numerous other products.”


The industry says it is stuff that might be under your kitchen sink (cleaning supplies?).  I’m guessing some of the stuff under most kitchen sinks can be toxic. I don’t understand the scale.  The investment group says that 20% to 40% has toxic contaminants; while the supporters say “it is like stuff already in your household (and … going a little off topic to suggest it is like ice cream and toothpaste!!!)


The investment group adds:

“In addition to air and water pollution, fracking also increases the potential for oil spills, which can harm the soil and surrounding vegetation. Fracking may cause earthquakes due to the high pressure used to extract oil and gas from rock and the storage of excess wastewater on site.”


I suppose that anytime oil is pumped out of the earth, there is a potential for oil spills.  I would guess that the oil and natural gas industry would try to convince us that they are doing an excellent job of transporting (possibly with pipelines) the oil and gas products.  

It reminds me of the anti-H2O groups (again tongue-in-cheek) that say H2O is a leading cause of drowning; and also of floods and hurricanes.  The anti-H2O groups remind us that upstream of H2O intake systems, cow and other animal waste is introduced to our drinking water!!!!

So, one more look at fracking tomorrow – earthquakes!!!

See you then!!!


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