Blog #650 Dealing with Depression 2

Dealing with Depression 2

Continuing the series on dealing with depression.

This is the week of Easter and Passover (as discussed two days ago).  Many people do get depressed at special times of the year – remembering family events.  

Let’s continue looking at dealing with depression today.

-5 Reduce your stress.

Depression and stress are (at least) cousins.  In some cases, stress is good. It causes the ‘fight or flight’ options for dealing with a situation.  If you are depressed and on the job, talk to your management about getting help. A depressed person on the job is not going to be very helpful.  

I’ve read that a certain percentage of people don’t take vacations – they keep working away.  At least take a day off occasionally. Go find a nice park (now that it is spring). Walk through a large flower shop (and smell the aromas).  [And, while I love the aromas of a bakery, eating donuts and sugary sweets can actual add to depression and stress.].

On the job you may think you cannot be replaced – that might be true until you have your heart attack and die – that will force management to replace you.  Play games, get on a softball or volleyball team. Find friends. In this area (central Texas) there is an app called “MeetUp” and you can find all kinds of activities and hobbies.  (And, that is probably true about other places). Even taking a walk at lunch can help reduce stress and depression. And, taking a walk with a friend is even better as it gives you human contact and friendship!!!

-6 Get your sleep

Yup – our old friend – sleep – can help alleviate depression.  A 2014 study found that 80% of people with major depressive disorder experience sleep disturbances

And, just a quick run-through for sleep – have a schedule, go to bed about the same time, no caffeine after (say) 4:00 p.m., take some melatonin, drink some chamomile tea, turn off electronic (like your phone) at least an hour before bed, have a dark room (and/or dark eye masks).

-7 Watch what you eat

Many studies have linked depression to poor eating habits and/or missing essential nutrients.  Take a multivitamin. Zinc, vitamin D, magnesium and Omega-3 deficiencies can trigger depression

-8 Think positive thoughts

That might be easier said than done (that is, thinking positive thoughts).  Put positive things around your environment – post-it notes on the bathroom mirror, and other places.  Bible verses can also be beneficial – like you are more than conquerors – that God is Love – that the Joy of the Lord is your strength.  You can also use a Bible app and make time for daily devotions and prayer in the morning. (I’ve been using a Bible app (YouVersion) and you can find upbeat and encouraging studies).

So, what do you think?  Are you depressed? Can you (and God) overcome your depressions (and your stress)?

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be looking at seasonal things – Passover and Easter.  Then on Monday we will look at more aspects of depression!!

May this be a great week for you; may you stop and smell the roses; may you hear and enjoy the birds singing and chirping; may sunlight filter into your heart and give you ‘beauty for ashes’.


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