Blog #647 Willpower III

Victory through Willpower – part 3


Let’s finish off this three day series on willpower.

-11 Use positive reinforcement

As you reach a goal, give yourself a positive gift.  Maybe a ticket to a ball game or a movie; or a dinner out; or some other reward.  Do something special!!!

-12 Take care of your body

It seems when you lack willpower, you don’t take care of yourself.  I ‘ate’ myself in to being overweight. (And chocolate covered anything is great!!!).  If you are under a deadline for something, don’t let stress beat you. Take care of yourself – get good nutrition, good sleep, but positive things in your brain.  The old acronym GIGO – Garbage in, Garbage out still holds. Put good stuff into your body – by your mouth and into your brain.

-13 Have good habits

It is said that making good habits takes at least 21 days.  If you are working on exercise, get to the gym on a regular basis – make it a habit.  If you are working on inner peace (see two days ago), work on meditation and prayer – and make it a habit.  I am finding that I am more careful in our food shopping – reading labels for amounts of sodium and sugars in foods.  Processed foods seem to carry a lot of extra salt (that I don’t need). Make it a habit to read those labels, to build up the good habits.  There is the story of the great concert pianist who practiced daily for at least an hour. If he missed a day, he said he knew he had; if he missed a couple of days of practice, his closest friends can tell he was slightly off, and if he had missed a week of practice, the best ears in his audience could tell that he was ‘rusty’.  Keep on keeping on!!!

-14 Make a list of past successes

Keep track of those great victories – to keep you positive and to keep you working towards your new goals.  Yes, failure is a learning experience, but focus on the positives.

-15 Never be satisfied

One of my friends (Connie) has children that compete in athletics.  I love seeing her posts where son1 just reached a new “PR” – personal record, and son2 – also reached a new “PR” – personal record in their track and swimming events.  Likewise, her daughter who is on a university swimming team also is setting her personal records. Keep improving, keep working towards new goals and new horizons. (And, in her own right, Connie has definitely been a winner in her job and family and community!!!)

My own addition

Get out of your comfort zone.  Push yourself. Keep a great attitude.  Envision winning. Picture the promotion. Picture fitting in to your old clothes that have gotten too snug (or your new dress – that you bought as a reward when you ‘got there’.  Keep learning. Keep setting goals.

And, become the best version of YOU!!!!  

You CAN do it!!  It does take willpower – apply in and more ahead!!!

What do you think?


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