Blog #646 It is Tax day

It Is TAX Day

Yup!!!  It is April 15th – the day to submit your taxes in the United States.  Probably most of you have already done it.

Some may grumble “I did my taxes and I had to pay in $XXX dollars”.  “I hate taxes”.

Okay, I’m not always fond of taxes.  As one of my favorite politicians (Bill Janklow) said “The best tax is one you don’t pay”.  I’m glad for cigarette and tobacco taxes (since I don’t smoke).

But, I am glad for taxes.  I really do like having roads to drive on, water when I open my faucet tap.  I even like taxes that go for defense and for national security.

Yes, we often have the ‘best government money can buy’ as lobbyists attempt to convince lawmakers that their organization is vital to our government.  

Taxes mean I am still alive.  Taxes means I can support the next generation of students.  Taxes means parks and other infrastructure for my life.

Do all taxes relate to me?  No, but helping people who are in trouble get training and food is good.  

I like having firefighters around in case of a fire.  I like policemen making my community safe. I like military personnel protecting our (United States) interests.  

But, in the long run, while there may be graft and waste, generally taxes advance and pay for good things for our society.

So thank all of you for paying your taxes!!!


(And, as a retired guy, I’m glad you younger, working people are paying into my Social Security benefits!!!)

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