Blog #644 Strengthening your willpower – part I

I just can’t do that (Strengthening your willpower)


-* I need to up out of my chair and take a walk|
-* I need to get my taxes done
-* I need to mow the yard
-* I need to write my blog today
-* I need to do some research on a topic
-* I need to find a job

I think almost all of us find ourselves procrastinating at times.  We ‘need’ to get something done, and yet, it is just hard to get moving.  If you will, it is Newton’s First Law of Motion – An object at rest stays at rest (unless acted upon).  Getting out of our chairs, sofa, or even our bed takes effort.

Today’s article looks at some ways to get going with strengthening our willpower!!

-1 Set small achievable goals.

Taking small steps and getting some small victories during your day gives us hope to keep going.  Some computer developers do Agile development, where every day you set your agenda to get somethings done.  You are accountable to others and you have a short (five minutes) morning meeting to set up your day. Maybe you are not going to get the whole project done today, but you are going to get some of it done.  Example: You are painting a large two story house, but today you are going to paint just the front (or just the upper front) of the house. If you do more, great, but you need to walk away at the end of the day with some accomplishments (and some victories)

-2 Control your thoughts

And make a commitment to your jobs, your long-term goals and your short-term goals.  Stay calm, remove distractions (if you can) and mentally control your focus and direction.

-3 Use short bursts to push your boundaries

I’ve been reading about HIIT workouts – that is High-Intensity, Interval Training.  If you are walking, maybe every 100 yards, you push the speed up for the next 100 yards, then back to the original pace.  Repeat this – fast speed and then normal speed. The concept is that is you do this consistently you will get faster and have better workouts.  (And your ‘old’ mnd doesn’t sense that you are tricking it into a faster routine)

-4 Win the day

I recently started doing morning meditation and Bible reading using an online app on my iPhone.  If I picked a short reading/medication (say 4 days), I could ‘win’ the day by doing that day’s readings; then I could accomplish the four days of that particular meditation.  Currently, I’m doing five readings/meditations of which one is for 31 days and one is for 53 days. I like to see the app keep track of my daily successes. The app tells me that I have so many days in a row and so many ‘perfect’ weeks.  That helps keep me working on it. [Aside, I am currently at 78 days in a row. By doing ‘daily wins’ – I have made a habit of doing my reading and meditation.]

-5 Take cold showers

Okay, I’m not into this one.  The article suggests that even 20 second cold showers strengthen our willpower.  The article suggests that suffering builds your willpower more than success. Forcing yourself to suffer (even if just for a short time) helps you feel confident and empowered!!

Okay, I’m going to try this.  [My brain is screaming at me – ‘NO, I hate cold showers’, but let’s see what transpires.

That’s enough for today.  We will be back tomorrow to look at more ways to strengthen your willpower.

See you then!!!


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