Blog #642 Habits of Rich People – part 2

!6 Rich Habits (part 2)
Continuing looking at sixteen habits that rich people have (from yesterday).

-5 Control your emotions. Don’t give in to your emotions (especially anger and fear). Emotions that are not controlled can hurt others. Filter your emotions. Wait before expressing emotions until you have had time to think through the situation and to put some reasons behind your emotions.

-6 Network and Volunteer your time, The article says “Almost three-quarters of wealthy people network and volunteer a minimum of five hours a month. Among those struggling financially, only one in 10 does this.”
Volunteering is a form of networking. It gets you out among people. Some volunteering lets you get closer to others (i.e. networking). Being on boards for non-profit organizations helps you to serve such organizations and to grow as a human being.

-7 Go above and beyond in work and business. One phrase that you will rarely hear from wealthy people “That’s not in my job description”. In a recent situation (as reported by our son), the CEO of a major Nebraska company was wiping up vomit during a football game!!! You can go above and beyond in many ways. Have a positive word to others, build them up – give of yourself.

-8 Set Goals, not wishes.I have written here about setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). The article says “You cannot control the outcome of a wish, but you can control the outcome of a goal. Every year, 70 percent of the wealthy pursue at least one major goal. Only 3 percent of those struggling to make ends meet do this.“I wish I was a millionaire” is only a thought, “I WILL be a millionaire by the time I’m 40 by <specific, measurable and timely goals>”. An old nursery rhyme is “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”. Actions, not wishes. And, more than just actions – but actions in a particular direction that YOU can choose and control. (You can not control winning the lottery, and wishing you would win is not enough!!

-9 Avoid Procrastination Get up and do it. The article suggests creating a daily “to do” list – and complete at least 70% of this list daily. Also, create a list of the five TOP things that you need to do to satisfy your goals – and (again) – complete as many as you can. DON’T PUT THINGS OFF!!!

-10 Talk less and listen more. The article suggests a 5:1 ratio. That is, you should listen for five minutes in order to talk 1 minute!!! You have to listen to be successful!!!

-11 Avoid Toxic People!! Do you want to be rich? Then associate with rich and successful people. Toxic people just wear you down. Associate with ‘winners’. They are positive and move you forward.

Enough for today. Tomorrow, I will finish this list of habits of rich people!!!

See you then!!!


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