Blog #640 I’m spying on you – part 2

I’m Spying on you – part II

I’ve been looking at new technology recently.  Drones, then cameras in capsules that you swallow, then drones that look like bugs (but can spy on people), and yesterday I started on the link of 25 Spy Gadgets (and got to #13).  So, today, let’s finish the last of those spy gadgets!!!

-14 Wireless earpiece.  Maybe like a hearing aid – but smaller and more flexible.  The article says this is ‘real small’ – the smallest spy gadget available.  You could even use it in your pocket or purse

-15 Portable Alarm Clock. Many of the spying gadgets look (and can act) like the real thing.  If you are traveling you can use an alarm clock. You might even bring it into a meeting to keep track of the time (and keep the presenter/coordinator moving along in the agenda.  And, it can record meetings (and even detect movement).

-16 Spy Watch.  As a kid I sometimes read Dick Tracy in the comics (our paper didn’t have Dick Tracy but others did).  Dick Tracy had a wrist telephone (hey – what about the Apple Watch). This is a similar idea – with a camera (usually at the #6 on the watch) and can record video and audio.

-17 Spy Glasses.  Yes, beyond Google Glasses, these can look like regular glasses or sunglasses (but, of course, with cameras and recording abilities) .

-18 Spy Buttons.  From Simon and Garfunkel’s song “Looking for America”, are these lyrics: “She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy.  I said, be careful, his bowtie is really a camera”. While I am sure I could get a bowtie camera, this is a button that is a camera (and recorder)

-19 Audio phone bug.  With this you can listen in (and record) to what is going on (probably on another person’s phone that you slipped this device into).

-20 Electrical Socket with a camera.  If you want to watch your kids, this might be the solution.  A socket camera (almost impossible to detect) that also has a motion detector, so when somebody enters a room it starts recording video.

-21 Voice Changer Gadget.  Yup, you can call somebody and have a real distinct voice with this device.

-22 iPhone Case.  You can buy cases for your iPhone that have video and audio recording.

-23 Gadgets with lasers for cars.  These attach to cars and let you trace / follow the car.  And … these have been used by policing authorities to track vehicles.

-24 USB Keylogging.  Just plug this jump drive in, and it will record all the keystrokes from the computer (like when the user types in his or her password, or passwords to encrypted files).

-25 Digital binoculars with Stealth View.  These are good for day and night and can go to 600 feet (or about about two football fields away).

Okay, there you have it – 25 spy gadgets. Some are expensive and some are not.  

My personal bias is not to have any of these.  I don’t think I need to spy on anyone and don’t think anyone needs to spy on me.  The question is “What is privacy?”. I’m sure I will be on many camera today – being followed – “just in case”.  (Of course, everyone is ‘being followed’ as we go into the grocery stores, the banks, the pharmacies, the roads, the schools.)

While not quite related, I believe (or can believe) that God has similar abilities.  When people talk about their lives passed before their eyes when in a death situation, It is real.  I am not able to fully understand an infinite God with my finite mind. If God wants to judge me, I’m sure that is a lot of material of my ‘thoughts, words and deed’ in His database!!!

What do you think?  Are you going to spy – or are you going to be spied upon?


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