Blog #639 Is somebody spying on you?

I’m spying on you!!!

I did two recent blogs – drones flying over us – and maybe (or maybe not) spying on us; and the miniature capsule cameras that can go through your body taking pictures of your digestive system.  Then, maybe I’ve been reading too many spy novels, where the bad guys “bug” the good guys rooms, cars, and computers and more. I’ve hinted that there really isn’t much privacy anymore – what with cameras everywhere and facial recognition working pretty well.  It has been six years since the Boston Marathon bombing. In that case, the authorities reviewed video from banks and other cameras on the street. They identified the two men as possible suspects, following other cameras to a campus and to a neighborhood; used thermal imaging to find the one suspect hiding under a boat cover as his body was giving off heat that could be detected as the manhunt closed in.

So, I found this Spyadvice page – let’s see what we can learn.  To get through all 25, we’ll take two days!!!

-1 Car Tracker.  Do you want to know where your teenage son or daughter is going?  Track them with this GPS unit. (Or … where your spouse is going).

-2 Camera pen.  It sure looks like a pen – but it has a built in camera.  If you wanted to steal secrets from your company and sell them to the Russians or Chinese, this should do it (if used discretely that is).

-3 Drone with a camera. We’ve talked about this – both good and bad.  In the recent major flooding in Nebraska, drones helped find roads and bridges that had washed out, farms that nobody could get to, and more.

-4 Night Vision Goggles. Hey, you want to observe somebody sneaking around at midnight?  Here you go – plus goggles that can record video too.

-5 Directional Microphone.  You want to hear what your daughter’s boyfriend is saying to her in the restaurant, just use a good parabolic directional microphone to eavesdrop on them.

-6 Document Recovery Software.  This software (which is used by lawyers, police and other law-enforcement agencies – frequently with a license) can reconstruct some documents (without going through the trash (aka “dumpster diving”)

-7 Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier.  Do you want to listen in to your teenager or others, use the bionic ear hearing amplifier.

-8 Camera Recorder in an Air Freshener.  Is your nanny treating your baby correctly?  Is your cleaning lady swiping jewelry? The suggestion is a micro camera in an air freshener.

-9 Cell Phone Spy Reader.  Just take the sim card out of your spouses (or child’s) phone and run it through this.  All the messages and pictures will be available.

-10 DSLR Camera.  Of course these have existed for a while, but a good camera with good lenses can take great pictures a distance away.

-11 Spy Camera on a car keychain.  You can turn this on and off. If you want to see who is in the car with your teenage daughter, this can do it!!

-12 Mouse Transmitter.  Does the person you are spying on use a mouse? Then get a mouse transmitter

-13 USB Voice recorder.  It is common to have a USB flash drive /memory stick, so why not have one that can also record things.  This might be nice for more than spying – like recording your meetings, or classroom lectures, or other verbal/sound oriented events.  

So, there we are – just over ½ way through common spying technologies.  Have you been spied on today? Have you spied on others today? Would you do it?  Why?

Tomorrow, we’ll finish this list.


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