Blog #637 The “Bugs” are coming

The Bugs are coming (oops – that looks like a miniature drone!!!)…/is-that-a-bug-or-…/11089/

Hey, I just say a dragonfly out the window. Or … was it really a dragonfly – or a miniature spy camera drone?

The article says: Robotic bugs are a game-changing technology, opening up possibilities that were fiction a generation ago.

These bugs are fashioned after birds, insects, and other small animals, and can remain hidden in plain view while spying in areas that are off-limits to larger surveillance devices
The spy drones are able to take off and land anywhere, while maneuver through city streets and hallways, and they can stop and turn on a dime, these micro-drones can also pack a lethal punch, equipped with an array of weapons and sensors, including tasers, explosives, high-resolution video cameras, infrared sensors, license plate readers, and listening devices

One particular miniature drone looks like a mosquito – it can land on human skin and with a super-micron needle “sting” like a mosquito (without the pain and burning) – and can insert a micro radio frequency identification device into your skins – so you can be tracked!! Or, it can take a blood / DNA sample; or (in warfare) inject a toxin into your body!!!

There are ‘hummingbird’ miniature drones and other models.

The article says “Now, robotics researchers have built something that is even scarier— a six-legged robot that looks like a spider but moves faster and more efficiently. Now’s the time to find a chair to climb on.”

So, for spying, these drone “bugs” are almost unseen. So, equipped with cameras and data recording devices, they can fly over fences (like regular bugs) and observe what is going on.

I can image murder mysteries in the future. The cheating husband is traced by a micron-RFID device that has been inserted by a drone and is tracked to his clandestine rendezvous. The jealous wife then has a micro-drone-robot inject him with a toxin/poison. The “perfect crime”. The murder weapon can’t be found, the access is almost impossible to determine. The murderer can be a long way away monitoring the drone.

Or football games, a ‘bug’ flies over the offensive huddle – and relays the playback to the defensive coach on the sidelines and the defense knows what is coming!!!

A drone fly can be outside a door that has a digital keypad for an entry code – and records the code on its camera as a person enters the top-secret room.

(Hmm… my novel writing has been on hold for a while, maybe it is time to revive it. It might be like the mockingjays in The Hunger Games – spies that can be anywhere – only smaller!!!)

Tomorrow, a similar post – but for good (in medicine).

What do you think? Scary?


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