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Some differences between Positive and Negative people – Part I

Are you a positive person?  (I hope so).

The link today is from 15 differences between positive and negative people.  I think it is interesting.

-1 Failure is part of learning.

There is a statement that we learn by our mistakes.  A child who touches a hot stove learns (quickly) not to touch a hot stove.  As Edison was making the first light bulb, he made many mistakes – but with each one, he learned that option didn’t work. I just to kid (although not totally kidding “I’ve made so many mistakes, that I am brilliant!!!.  After you fall down, get up. Dust yourself off. (Maybe take a day to lick your wounds). Get back on your horse and get going again.

-2 I can do hard things

Positive people can get out of their comfort zone.  They want to be challenged. They want to learn and trying new and difficult things advances them.  (Do you get out of your comfort zone occasionally?)

-3 Positive people give their best.

With the concept from #2 (above), they want challenges.  Then they give their best. Half-baked ideas, half-baked work doesn’t go well with them.  Come to work early, stay late, give it your best.

-4 Get inspired

Get inspired by others.  Watch the ‘champs’. How did they do what they do?  Can you learn from others? I definitely learn from watching and reading about successful people!!  I like to read successful blogs and find ideas to share. Hopefully I’m able to pass ideas on (with my twist on them – of course!!!)

-5 What can I do better.

Feedback also helps us to improve.  Show me a new technique; a new way to do a task.  As a professor, I got (and used) feedback from my students.  I really wanted to learn how to do things better. I also shared that with the previous classes and my next classes to indicate I was working on improvement.  Sometimes, the feedback hurt (and like #1 above), I need a day or two to mope and have a ‘pity party’ – but eventually I did get up and make improvements for the next class.  I also found that I have thin skin and I can get frustrated by the feedback and that does hurt me. But, I have learned a lot!!!

-6 I focus on things I can change

There are things I can change and things I can’t change,  The Serenity Prayer goes: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.  There are things I can do. I can change myself, my attitude, my direction. But, I can’t really change others.

-7 People can change.  People can decide they want to learn and grow.  Don’t put labels on a person. (by-the-way, I am not a proponent of ‘labels’.  You can put a label such as conservative or liberal on a person – but that really is not true, it only is a snapshot of one facet of a person.  I have discovered through my life that I have changed my mind as I reasoned my way through issues. I also try not to judge – or at least until I have ‘walked a mile in their shoes’.

-8 Keep learning

Positive people say “I have a lot to learn”.  As an educator, I taught ‘lifelong learning’. There is the saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.  Much of what I learned as an undergraduate is passe. I know I need to keep learning. Learning something new every day!!!

We will finish this list tomorrow!!!  Come on back!!!


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