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Okay, I am aging. But, then again, all of us are – and even if we are not yet ‘old’ we have older parents, friends, and neighbors.  Yes, I have an idea of what is ahead of me – death. I have watched elderly age for many years, from being close to my grandparents when they died, to my parents and my wife’s parents, from visiting shut-ins in their apartments, dementia homes, and nursing homes.  

-1 Death.

Yes, as the old expression – there are two sure things in life – death and taxes.  I someday will die. I’d like to live a nice gentle, valuable life until death. I have an image of aging and death.  In my image, I stay healthy well into my 90’s – with physical health, mental health, social and financial health. All of those are assumptions on my part.  Can I be physically healthy? Can I be mentally healthy? It is nice to ‘assume’ that I will, but will the reality be that, or one of physical and mental deterioration?  Are their things I can do now to avoid ‘falling apart’?

-2 The Basics

There are many websites that give suggestions about aging. They suggest the following:

-1 Reduce stress
-2 Get enough sleep
-3 Eat a balanced diet
-4 Learn something new
-5 Hydrate
-6 Reduce Sodium
-7 Wear sunscreen
-8 Move Often
-9 Embrace Simplicity
-10 Embrace the classic and classy
-11 Don’t fight the tide
-12 Learn Mindfulness

(This list comes from – and is pretty similar to so many other websites and ideas.  I have the idea that the authors collaborated on these – and probably aren’t over 50!!!)

The reality

-1 Yes, you are going to die

-2 If you want a longer life with family, grandchildren, fun and relaxed days; you need to start planning years ahead – maybe about age 40

-3 Take care of finances.  Yes, Social Security is around (don’t count on it!!).  Do a 401K retirement account (yes, you will have to pay taxes on it eventually – but hopefully when you are in a lower tax bracket when you retire)

-4 Take care of yourself

Eat healthy, exercise, relieve stress, have friends, laugh, avoid depression, take vacations, love yourself and others, don’t carry grudges, don’t smoke, limited (or no) alcohol, keep learning, challenge your brain – AT ALL AGES!!!!!!

You can live longer – and happier!!!  It is a mixture of choice (you CHOOSE your attitude), and practice (taking care of yourself).  We mentioned Warren Buffet a few blogs ago – and at age 88 is a vital human being – AND YOU CAN BE AS WELL!!!  But, you have to make your decision.

What do you think?


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