Blog #620 – Causes of Death for Seniors

Aging – Part IV
Eventually, I will die (and you too!!!)

Facing the inevitable (the only sure things are death and taxes).

Yes, someday I will die. So, here are the top causes of death over 65
-1 Heart Disease
Heart disease, including heart failure, heart attack, and heart arrhythmia, can cause your heart to beat ineffectively and impair circulation. These conditions are associated with or caused by, diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking, along with an improper diet, lack of exercise and family history.

As we have seen before, diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking are listed – and also improper diet and lack of exercise. So … changing your diet and adding exercise can help the risks of heart disease

-2 Cancer
Cancer is the # 2 cause of death for those over 65 – be it lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer or skin cancer (or other).

-3 Lung problems
Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is the #3 cause of death. These include chronic bronchitis and emphysema. As COPD progresses, you have to work harder and harder to catch your breath, often feeling like you’re suffocating.
More than 50 percent of people who have it don’t even know they do. Early detection is a simple, non-invasive breathing test called spirometry and key to good outcomes. 
[Note – get the spirometry test!!!]

-4 Stroke
Stroke is a clot or blockage that cuts off blood flow to the brain. And – guess what, diabetes and high blood pressure can be contributing factors to a stroke!!

-5 Alzheimer’s 
While we have talked about Alzheimer’s (yesterday actually), it is the #5 cause of death.

-6 Diabetes
Diabetes can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, wounds that take a long time to heal, and more. AND – from a few days ago, I wrote about being able to lessen the risks for diabetes with diet and exercise!!

-7 Pneumonia (and flu)
And … contributing factors can be diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems

-8 Accidents
Seniors are at a higher risk of accidents – especially falling. While some accidents might not directly kill you-you might not be able to exercise because of broken hips and bad knees – which can lead to heart disease

OVERALL – diet and exercise; diet and exercise; diet and exercise!!!!

Get up and get moving!!!


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