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Aging Ailments – part II

The second disease I want to discuss is Alzheimer’s – a devastating mental illness that can make the person lose most of their memories, even to not recognizing the children and other friends.

While Alzheimer’s is not totally preventable, but this article suggests some processes that can lower risks.  

The linked article states “Though research is still evolving, evidence is strong that people can reduce their risk by making key lifestyle changes, including participating in regular activity and maintaining good heart health.”

Another article stated “One out of three cases of Alzheimer’s may be preventable if that person does everything right,” said the director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell & New York-Presbyterian in New York City.

The Alzheimer’s Association suggests these lifestyle changes:

-1 Get exercise.  Studies indicate that exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain

-2 Get smart.  Formal education also has been shown to help reduce the risk of  cognitive decline. The association suggests taking classes at a community college.

-3 Stop smoking.  Smoking can harm mental processes.

-4 Take care of your body and your heart. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes negatively affect your mental health.

-5 No concussions. Wear a seatbelt, wear a helmet when riding your bike or playing contact sports.

-6 Watch your diet – the association suggests the Mediterranean Diet – with more fruits and vegetables and lower in fats.  

-7 Be sure to get your sleep.  Enjoy sleep is important to health

-8 Be active socially. Find ways to be social – volunteer, sing in a choir, be activity in groups.

-9 Challenge your brain.  Do crosswords, do jigsaw puzzles (using eye and hand senses), play bridge (or other games that challenge your brain, learn a language, find ways to think critically and solve problems solving.

While research is still going on in regards to Alzheimer’s illness, these suggestions seem pretty strong in their recommendations for lessening the risks.

So – diabetes can be reduced (yesterday’s post), and Alzheimer’s risks can be reduced (today’s blog).  

If you really want a nice, happy and productive, long life, and if you are pre-diabetic (or diabetic), out of shape, watching too much television and not being challenged, then think about changing your life styles.  

What do you think?


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