Blog #617 Aging and value – part II

Aging Ails – part II

Yesterday we talked about being of value. Another way of saying that is ‘being needed’. So, how can a 90-year-old person be ‘needed’?

A 90-year-old probably isn’t going to mow grass, paint the house, shovel snow or do very much on the physical side. But, an 88-year-old is making million dollar investments frequently. He is appreciated for his advice and direction By a recent analysis, he is the third richest man in the world at 84.9 BILLION dollars. He seems to be in good physical shape (and, maybe, he if had to, he could mow the grass).

That person is Warren Buffett. The “Oracle of Omaha”. Some websites report (or suggest) that Buffett’s diet is junk food and cherry coke. While I don’t know that for sure, it seems like he is relatively healthy. Is he of value to others? Absolutely. Is he needed by his company? Sure is!!

In yesterday’s scenario, I talked of an older man in a nursing home with a son who rarely visits. He is depressed. He feels he has no value, nobody ‘needs’ him. He knows he is dying – and living in a nursing home, watching TV 14 hours a day does little to stimulate a person’s brain. He wants to die.

The original question was how can a 90-year-old person be needed? Let’s think about that.

If the person was close (physically and socially) to his son, he could be visited almost every day. He could talk to his grandson about his service in Korea; about his first television set; about his wife (who was the boy’s grandmother). He could tell stories from his youth. He could get to the grandson’s baseball games and soccer games. The older man could take short walks with his son, daughter-in-law and/or grandson. (And, be of value and needed by his family).

If the older man in the scenario had not had health problems he could volunteer at schools, food banks, to read to other (less-healthy) people in assisted living or nursing homes. He would have to find some value in his life. He could watch his grandson (and/or grandchildren) grow, graduate from high school and college and marry.

I am now retired. I read to two first graders on Tuesdays; I am an adult mentor to a sixth-grade boy on Thursday; I am a Stephen Minister to a 52-year-old man who had a heart attack and has been depressed. I have meetings on three nights a week. I tutor three students every week in math. I wish I had more time with my grandchildren, but that will happen. I have value, I am needed, and because I have value and am needed – my depression (from my major surgery) has lessened.

Seniors – yesterday and today, I have written about being of value and needed. It is up to you to find where you have value. If your family doesn’t value you, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities. Keep healthy, keep busy, avoid depression and find your value!!!
Are you needed? Do you have value to somebody? If not, work on it!!


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