Blog #615 Breaking out of your comfort zone – part III

Breaking out of your comfort zone – part III

We have been looking at comfort zones – and looking at why we need to leave comfort zones to grow as a human bean. Today, five more ways to overcome fear and break out of your comfort zone

-6 Ask the question other people don’t like to ask.
If you really want to grow, you need to find out about things. Hopefully, not everybody around you are ‘yes-men’ (or sycophants). You need to know about more than just the comfort zone. Asking tough questions will help you grow and more outside the comfort zone.

-7 Start conversations with strangers.
Do you strike up conversations with strangers? I do!!! If you are flying on a long flight, a conversation can be interesting – and lead to new insights. Or, if you are in line for the flight can you ask “Where are you heading?”. Might be somebody who is heading to an interesting conference, or somebody in the same industry as you. Every person has a story (or many). How did they get to where they are? Did you overhear a comment the person made to another about anything?

-8 Agree to something you wouldn’t normally consider
I have judged debates, science fairs, cooking contests, and more. I’ve sat in dunk tanks (not one of my favorite things – cold and wet). What things you might like if you said “yes” to something. You might actually find a new friend – or a new job.

Lately, I’ve been trying to cook. With recipes and plenty of information on the internet, I can find some way to cook the item. And, I’ve been crocheting – again something I might not have tried if my neighbor hadn’t wanted to learn crocheting and gave me the material, I might not have found a new activity.

-9 Get in front of the camera!!
Try making some videos. I have made videos of some of my blogs. There are times of butterflies when I make a video – but they come out okay.

-10 Keep a list of ‘growth goals.
Do you have a bucket list of things you want to accomplish, places you want to see? My trips abroad have opened my eyes to new things. Plus there is a lot of things in the United States I haven’t seen. I’ve been to all states in the United States except Alaska – and that is on my bucket list.

You learn by ‘pushing the envelope’. Turtles only move by sticking their necks out. You can only discover new worlds by leaving the sight of the shore.
Are you ready to ‘fly’; ready to discover new worlds and new concepts? Maybe it is time for you (and me) to break out of your comfort zone.


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