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Are you STRESSED? Stressed 2

Yesterday we started a mini-series on stress.  Yes, we all have it, and we need to deal with it.

Today, two topics from the Mayo Clinic article on stress – Stress on your mood;; and Stress on your behavior.

So, what happens to you emotionally as you get stressed.  The article points out these factors:

– * Anxiety
-* Restlessness
-* Lack of motivation or focus
-* Feeling overwhelmed
-* Irritability or anger
-* Sadness or depression

WOW!!!  I look over that list and agree with all of the factors.  There have been times I have been overwhelmed – too much to do, and not enough time.  I was doing things that weren’t a priority. Then there were the times when I got angry at little things – and I festered and let that anger boil over into words that should not have been spoken.

For some particular reasons I let stress and circumstances build in the spring of 2017.  I let three little (and probably insignificant) things build to be a mountain (from a molehill).  I would be dizzy when I stood up. I felt like fainting at times. I ended with a huge headache/backache.  I went to the emergency room who said my blood pressure was a little high and I was dehydrated, but otherwise go home.  I was back in three days with blood pressure of 213 over 161 (where normal is about 120 over 80) and I also had a pulse of 165.  My heart was pumping blood like a firehose puts out water. The second time I was there, the emergency room staff “let me” take a ride in a special vehicle (ambulance) to the hospital.  Later my doctor said I was lucky to be alive.

The article goes on with these behaviors:

-*Overeating or under-eating
-*Angry outbursts
-*Drug or alcohol abuse
-*Tobacco use
-*Social withdrawal
-*Exercising less often

In my case the angry outbursts added to the stress and landed me in the hospital – with holes and aneurysms in my aorta (and ultimately a 6.5 hour surgery!!)

Are you watching your stress?  Are you watching your blood pressure?  Are you letting little things overwhelm you?  Be careful, you might be in a hospital soon (or …. dead).

Tomorrow – stress busters (including saying “NO”)


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