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Continuing this link for Relaxing with Inner Peace.  Let’s see what is there and how we can apply it.

-18 Be Grateful.  Learning to have inner peace and being able to relax means being happy with who you are; and where you are in life.  Be grateful for your life, your health, and your situation. If you start envying somebody else’s house – you will lose your peace.  If you are unhappy that you have been passed over for a promotion – you will lose your peace. Be happy with where you are at.

-19 Find healthy ways to express negative emotions. The author suggests: “Never suppress or deny negative emotions (they come back with a vengeance), and don’t self-destruct because of them. Instead, exercise, play music, do art, practice martial arts, meditate, write… It’s often said that an artist’s best work comes from their “blue mood”.”

-20 Slow down.  Hey – we are talking about relaxing and inner peace – so SLOW DOWN.  Smell the roses. You are in the ‘race’ for the long run. You don’t have to finish everything TODAY.  Take a deep breathe, life is GOOD!!!

-21 Don’t compare yourself to others.  You are you, they are them. You are unique.  Judging (comparing) yourself with others will disrupt your inner peace.  You can find things you like about the others and try to incorporate it into your life.  Live YOUR live, not drool about theirs.

-22 Stop worrying about what others think.  If they are critical of you, don’t be critical about them.  March to the beat of your own drum. You are unique. If a person doesn’t like you – that’s their problem, not yours.  You can’t please everybody.

-23 Be Kind!!!  Yup – if you can be anything, be kind.  Don’t be nasty – be kind, try to understand, try to love unconditionally.

-24 Challenge the norm. I remember our children saying “But Dad, EVERYBODY is doing it”.  First – I’m sure it is NOT everybody!! And so what? You are unique. You don’t have to follow the norm.  (by-the-way, I think this is less an issue. I see middle school kids with purple, red, orange, green hair, with shirts for a lot of different teams and ideas.  Individual differences are okay.

-25 Simplify.  Less is more. Some suggestions I’ve seen over the years are if you haven’t used something in two years, throw it out.  Now, there might be reasons not to throw out your wedding dress or your academic gown [my case]. One of the biggest growth areas in the United States is the storage rental business.  In Central Texas (where we don’t have basements), people rent storage units and never touch it. When it is time to move again, out of storage it comes, and into the next storage area.  [Be reasonable. If you know that in a few years you are going to move back to Colorado, don’t throw out your skis.]

You have the choice.  You get to choose to be happy, to have inner peace, to be content with who are you and where you are going.  Yes, keep working on being a better version of you – but being jealous, angry, judgemental, and unhappy are bad choices!!!

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