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Some keys to Inner-Peace

This article says “Here’s one of the simplest guides to inner peace. It really only takes a few small actions to find calm.”

-1 Unplug,  Get away from your phone, your computer, your television, your electronics.  (Remember the National Day of Unplugging – see:

-2  Listen to music.  The article suggests to have music that can relax you and feel upbeat.  That sounds like two. I have a Oldies channel on Pandora – with songs from the Sixties and Seventies.  But, I also have an Upbeat Classics on my iPhone (that get me charged up for the day).

-3 Run it off.  Get outside, run, walk, or other.  It gets your mind off your struggles and worries.

-4 Breathe.  The article says “Every time you bring your attention to your breath, your mind will forget about your worries right away. Try this: Count each breath and try to get to 10 without allowing your mind to wander, even for a second. Breathe your troubles away!”

-5 Clean your space.  Declutter, organize, get rid of stuff you don’t need.  (Helps you declutter your mind too!!)

-6 Play.  Play with your kids, pets, neighbors.  Be silly. Romp. Frolic. Let your inner child come out!!!

-7 Love yourself.  Get good nutrition, have positive self talk, be assertive, learn to say ‘no’, and don’t beat yourself up with past mistakes – keep positive

-8 Be here NOW.  The future will come, the past is past.  Enjoy TODAY, enjoy NOW

-9 Smile and laugh!!!  The old adage “Laughter is the best medicine” is true – find something to laugh about daily!!!  (Maybe some silly videos)

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