Blog #588 The Future You!!


Sure, the past is gone, the future is unknown, and all we really have is the present.

But, what do you think about “The Future You”?  Will your imperfections be taken care of by then?  The author in this link says “The Future Me is highly organized, never stressed, always on time and always prepared.”.  She (the author) also says about her current self “Present Me is a little disorganized, plagued with indecision, running from hither and thither, and often scrambles to get stuff done.”

She also says “Researchers have found that we perceive our future selves as strangers—not someone we’re actually connected to or become.” So, the ‘future me’ is really the Hollywood version of the current me, all the stunts are done by stunt people, the make-up department can work miracles, and what can’t be really done is fixed up by computer animation.  That future me is the Hollywood corrected version of me – maybe played by some young beautiful actor/actress.

This article suggest we do the following:

-1 Plan for your weaknesses.  You can start on the Future You now.  Block out instagram, Twitter, Facebook, computer games, whatever.  I get reports on my iPhone that say “Your usage yesterday was 21% more than normal”.  Hmmm … what should register in my brain (I wasted a LOT of time yesterday – I need to change that!!)

-2 Channel the “Future You”.  If the future you in your brain is responsible, on-time (or early), prepared, organized – you can start working on that now.  One suggestion is check tomorrow’s weather and set out your clothes for tomorrow. You can also set up your coffee pot to start automatically in the morning (one less task to stress you).  If you are habitually late in the morning, get started tonight for tomorrow. Clothes set out – check; coffee ready to start automatically; car keys, purse, billfold, all in one spot for a quick getaway in the morning.  If you spend ten minutes in the morning looking for your keys many mornings, you need an ‘absolutely’ place for things. I have a space on my desk for all the vital things. When I walk in the door, I put the keys, phone, billfold, and whatever else on that desk.  [Aside, there have been times where my arms are full – carrying groceries and I head to the kitchen first to put the cold items in the refrigerator, but then, (knowing that if I don’t keep organized I WILL waste time looking for things) I make sure I put the items on my desk.  It doesn’t take long – a minute maybe – but it sure can make the morning better.

-3 Get realistic about the “Future You”.  Hollywood is not going to make a movie about your life (well, maybe about me – haha).  

I’ve written about becoming a ‘better version of yourself’ – and you really want the “Future You” to be a better version of yourself.  Experts say it takes 21 to 30 days to set a habit. Get those good habits going now – become that better version of you now!! And, maybe if you do it good enough, you might end up with a TV show (if not a movie).  Hmm … the “Housewives of Leander Texas”; of “The retired professors of Leander Texas”.

Think about that “Future You” – do you want to be better organized?  Do you want to be more fit? Do you want to be on time? Start working on it now.

What do you think?


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