Blog #587 Brain Exercises #4

Brain Exercises #4

Let’s continue the brain exercises from the Reader’s Digest

-8 Open your car windows.  We live in artificial settings most of our lives.  Our houses have air conditioning/heat; our work places have the same; our cars do as well; our shopping also has air conditioning and heat.  Sure, we do get out-of-doors some (as we walk from the house to the car to the job). Do you remember rolling down the windows in the car as a child?  (Really ‘rolling’ them down – not pressing the ‘down’ button). Did you stick your head out the window (like a dog). You can smell the fields (if you are in the country.  I remember driving past alfalfa fields, recently cut; I remember passing cattle feedlots – yes, maybe not the ‘right smell’ – but definitely memorable. Use the sense of smell and expand your brain!!

-9 Play with spare change.  Hmmm – you can get the feel about of the coins,  See if you can tell by touch which ones are quarters and which ones are dimes, nickels and pennies.  Can you tell which side is heads and which side is tails by touch (and not sight)? Another case of using a different sense.

-10 Play “Ten Things” – where you think of ten other uses for a common item.  Your pen could be a baton in the hands of conductor; or a baton for twirling. Could you pen be used as a weapon to stab an intruder?  Even as a “magic wand” that could be used to change things in the world; or as a lightning rod in a storm; or as a rolling pin for small pies.  Could your pen be used as a baseball bat in a game of hit a paper wad? Could it be a microphone as you audition for “The Voice”? Try this with some other item.

-11 Scan at the grocery store.  Stores put items in the middle shelves, but down low or up high might be other items that would need your needs.  Maybe play ‘ten things’ with items at the store. What could you do with a loaf of French Bread? Be a sword person?

-12 Do an art project as a group.  Art incorporates visual senses. And, in a group, you incorporate social aspects.  Art has form, color, textures, and emotions.

-13 Make more social connections during the day.  The article says “Scientific research has repeatedly proved that social deprivation has severe negative effects on overall cognitive abilities.”  Don’t go to the self-checkout at the store – go to a regular aisle and talk to the clerk.

-14 Read differently.  Reading out loud involves sight, touch and hearing – more senses to stimulate the brain, as compared to reading slightly to yourself.  Maybe read with a partner (spouse/friend) – to listen differently.

-15 Eat unfamiliar foods.  Eating something new may involve taste, smell, and enjoying something different.  

All of these suggest that brain exercise is more than just sight.  Involving taste, smell, touch and hearing can stimulate the brain in new and novel ways.

Do you use multiple senses in your life?


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