SuperBowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday!

Some quick food facts for Superbowl Sunday:

-1 –  1.25 Billion Chicken wings

That is enough to supply EVERY Hooters with wings for TWO years

-2 –  11.2 pounds of potato chips

It would take 186 Tractor Trailers filled to the top to haul that many chips!!

-3 –  120 million pounds of avocado

That would allow about 616,000 average size men to eat their weight in avocados

-4 –   4 million pizzas

With an average size of 16 inches, that is enough to stretch from Boston to St. Louis

-5 –   50 million cases of beer

That is enough to 169 Olympic sized swimming pools or 235,000 hot tubs

The article says “That’s because on Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll most likely join the rest of America in consuming calories like a competitive eater. On average, we’re expected to eat 2,400 calories each just during game time.

Are YOU ready?

Posted by Bruce White

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