Blog #586 Brain Exercises – #3

Brain Exercises #3

After two days of exercising your brain, I came on this article.  It has some unusual approaches to brain exercises.

-1 “Neurobic” exercises are like cross-training for your brain

The article states: “Giving your brain new experiences that combine physical senses—vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing—with emotional “sense” stimulates more connections between different brain areas, causes nerve cells to produce natural brain nutrients that dramatically help memory, and makes surrounding cells stronger and more resistant to the effects of aging.”

So, we should switch things up to keep life interesting!!

-2 Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. This sounds interesting.  When I brush my teeth it is almost by rote. Pick up the brush in my right hand and brush away.  

So, some of the best brain exercises involve multiple senses and cross brain boundaries.  I’m going to try that the next time I brush!! (Maybe I could switch things up and brush my teeth now (1:00 pm my time as I’m writing this)

-3 Take a shower with your eyes closed.  I kind of do this when I get soap in my eyes – fumbling as I adjust the temperature.  The article suggests that we will have different tactile experiences when we rely on difference senses (like feel here instead of sight).

-4 Switch around your morning routines. Try doing things differently.  I noticed years ago that I always put on my left sock and left shoe first before doing the right foot.  Shaking up routines will cause us to think differently.

-5 Turn objects upside down.  Put the pictures on the wall upside down; look at family pictures upside down.  It also might be a metaphor for changing your life upside down. Like my friends who took a sabbatical to Australia for a year – they lived a year ‘upside down’ (or, “down under’)!!

-6 Switch seats at the table.  With just the two of us, we are really set in our ways.  I’m always at the west side of our table and my wife on the east side.  I’m sure if I was at the table first and sat in ‘her place’, she would notice and comment.  There are other places where routine is too ingrained. Do you sit in the same pew at your church?  Do you sit in the same seat in your classes?

-7 Make a new connection with your nose.  Try shaking things up with a new fragrance – vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, citrus or other.   The article suggests having a favorite fragrance next to the bed and smell it when you get up. (Hmmm – should I have a chocolate or cherry scent next to the bed?)

We will finish this off tomorrow.

I like the concept – do something different or in a different way.  Switch things up is a great way to stimulate your brain!!

Do you switch things around in your life!!


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