Blog #585 Brain Exercise – part II

Let’s exercise our MEMORY – Part II

So, yesterday we looked at the first five items on this list:

-1 Test your recall

-2 Learn to play a musical instrument

-3 Do math in your head

-4 Take a cooking class

-5 Learn a foreign language

Let’s finish the list today:

-6 Create word pictures.  The author suggests “Visualize the spelling of a word in your head, then try and think of any other words that begin (or end) with the same two letters.”  I like Word Puzzles like Bamboozables (see)

Like putting on four lines “wheel” – then drive on the right side and you get four wheel drive!!

-7 Draw a map from memory.  For example, we could draw a map of our Rhine River Cruise.  I’m sure it will help us remember the trip even better. Did we stop at Cologne before or after Heidelberg?

-8 Challenge your taste buds.  While eating a dish try to identify the spices and flavors in the dish.  (I love to use smoked paprika in dishes – and if you weren’t familiar with that you might try to figure that out)

-9 Refine your eye-hand abilities.  Try doing something new – like knitting, drawing, painting or other activity that requires eye-hand coordination

-10 Learn a new sport.  Have you tried Pickleball? It is like tennis, it is like badminton, it is a fast paced game that is really big with seniors now.  It has eye-hand coordination and challenges your brain. How about yoga – great for flexibility and coordination.

So, do you do this things now?  How do you exercise your brain?

What do you think?


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