Blog #580 HUGS!!

Hugs!!!  (Yes, Hugs!!)

The Health Benefits of HUGGING!!!!

Can I give you a BIG HUG?

This article says “Researchers found those who were hugged were less effected by interpersonal conflict, than those who weren’t hugged.”

Okay – I am a hugger.  Unfortunately I have learned that some people don’t want a hug.  There are times I want to give a hug – of forgiveness, of support for somebody going through trials, of showing God’s love to another person.  But, in today’s society, a man hugging a woman who is not his wife (or family) is taboo; and a man hugging another man is also off-limits.

I was recently watching a video by Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Martin Luther King, who talked about being on a television show with a white male Christian.  In the middle of the discussion, the man asked Dr. King if he could hug her. She said her immediate thoughts were “NO – I don’t want you as a white male to hug me”; then her second thoughts were about her mother, Coretta Scott King, who had tried to instill the concept of being gracious in her children.  In that they were recording a television show, she knew it would be gracious of her to hug the interviewer. She said that hug was a ego-breaker; it caused freedom and healing deep within her. It touched her deeply. Can a hug do that?

This NBC News article from October 25, 2018 has four great advantages of hugging.  Let’s look at them.

-1 Hugs May Temper The Stress Of Conflict — Even Before It Starts

Researchers found that “the effects of a good hug can soothe you throughout the day “

The researchers said: it’s because touch deactivates the part of the brain that responds to threats, and in turn fewer hormones are released to signal a stress response, and your cardiovascular system experiences less stress.”

Hmmm … so hugging can cut through the stress – we should be hugging more -as there is more than enough stress to go around.  [Aside, maybe Nancy Pelosi should give Donald Trump a hug!!!]

-2 Hugs May Boost Your Immune System

The researchers here wrote: ““An over-aggressive immune system can lead to damage to bodily systems, increasing our risk for a variety of illnesses. However, to the extent that hugs make us feel safer and more cared for, they can buffer against experiences that might otherwise threaten us, protecting us from mounting an over-aggressive immune response.”

They even suggest that hugs can help a person get over the common cold!!!  Human touch conveys LOVE and a lot more!!

-3 Hugs And Affection At A Young Age Can Keep Children Healthier In The Long Run

The article suggests that we need to HUG our children!!!  This research found: “She told us, in her study, individuals who reported emotional and physical abuse in childhood, and limited love and affection from a parent, were most at risk for health issues later in life.”  Do you want your children to be loved and healthy, or abused and at health risks?

-4 Hugs May Good For Your Heart In More Ways Than One

This research was on couples – a group where hugs were expected had lower blood pressure than a group where hugs were not expected.  (Hmm – maybe I need to throw away those high blood pressure pills and get and give more hugs!!!)

Yes, there might be times to refrain from hugging – but there are also times we do need to hug – to express love and forgiveness, to express acceptance, to say “you are special to me”.  So even you Kristof – consider yourself hugged this morning (as well as Beth and the other readers of this blog).

What do you think?

Have you hugged someone today?  Will you hug somebody today?


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