Blog #578 My Two “Best” traits

My Two “Best” Traits!!!

I want you to know about my two BEST traits.  I am so glad I have these traits – and you don’t!!  (So, ha ha on you!!!)

These traits are:

-1 Procrastination

-2 Rationalization

I am very practiced in these traits – and wanted to share them!!

Okay, yes, I am very practiced in these traits – and I don’t want to be so good at them!!!!

The attached article (from April 15, 2011) relate mostly to people who wait until the last minute to submit their tax returns – but the thoughts are good.

The article states:  “One study found procrastination makes us poorer, fatter and unhealthier.”

Yes – I am going to start that diet “tomorrow”!!!

Yes – I am going to open that savings account “tomorrow”!!!

Yes – I am going to eat more salads, vegetables and fruits and cut out the sugary drinks and sweets – starting “tomorrow”!!

Guess what, “Tomorrow” never comes.  When the clock hits midnight, “tomorrow” becomes today – and I wasn’t going to do those good actions until “tomorrow”!!!

As the article says “It’s not a time-management issue. For the vast majority of us, it’s usually about doing a task we’d rather put off, like taxes or scheduling a colonoscopy.”  (Or, going to the dentist – or fixing that hole in the roof)

The suggestions in this article suggest:

-1 Chip away at the situation in “bite-sized chunks”.  The “I have to do it all today” mentality defeats us before we even start. If we want to lose 20 pounds, do it a pound a week (or maybe 2 or 3 pounds a month.  If we want to do our taxes, break it into steps – getting the W2 forms organized be one day; finding all the data for deductions might be another day.

-2 Some people worry about about being perfect.  The article suggests “Get over it”. You can work on improving quality and speed – and work towards being very good.  And, even though some gymnasts get perfect 10 scores – they don’t get them every time.

A perfectionist was so disappointed so years ago and went to his rabbi to talk about it.  The rabbi went to his shelf and brought down a book about baseball records. The very best batters get hits about ⅓ of the time.  Even the best pitchers lose a game occasionally. Nobody gets a hit 100% of the time, nobody wins every game!!

How about you?  Do you procrastinate?  Do you rationalize your thoughts?  Do you put things off until tomorrow?  (Don’t look at me, I’m guilty as charged!!!)


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