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Becoming a Life Coach – part I

The definition of a life coach is: a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.  For the next three days, I’m going to be writing on being a life coach.

In effect I have been a ‘life coach’ for many years.  I have helped many (a great many) students in discussing their life plans, helping them select college majors, helping them select classes, helping them get internships; helping them get initial jobs; helping them by writing recommendations; and helping them after graduation with job and life advice.

On Facebook, I see so many images of friends and former students that I have encouraged over the years.  I am an “Encourage”. I identify with two Biblical characters – Barnabas and Peter. Barnabas is first mentioned in Act 4:36 “Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means “son of encouragement”).  Barnabas encouraged Paul and others to grow in faith. I’ve encouraged many students to grow in their knowledge, their skills and their lives. And, my identification with Peter is not that he was a leader of the early church, but he was ‘impetuous’ – getting out of the boat to walk on water, saying he wouldn’t deny Jesus – and yet before the rooster crowed he denied Jesus three times.  Yes, I identify with a guy who was good at ‘shooting off his mouth’. (Hmmm – is that a good choice for a life coach?)

I was approached by a friends who said she would like to be a life coach.  Today’s blog is my first thoughts for her.

Question 1:  WHY. Why do you want to be life coach?  Are you ‘called’ to this position? What makes you think you would be any good at being a life coach?  What skills do you bring to the position? Why do you want to counsel and encourage others how to deal with life issues?

Question 2:  WHY. Why is this position attractive to you?  Do you think you will get rich as a life coach?  Who do you think will want your services (and who do you think will PAY you for your services).  From Simon Sinek’s “Getting to Why” – down inside you you have a ‘mission statement’, a statement of value and direction.  WHY do you think you can be an effective life coach?

Question 3:  WHY. Do think think this is an easy-pay job?  Sit with a person for an hour, asking questions and listening and say “You will be a great <life-concept>”.  Is this better than an 8 to 5 job? (And get $500 per one hour session?)

Question 4:  (although asked in question 1):  What do you bring to the position?  Do you have experience and experiences that make you genuinely qualified to give fact and opinion based opinions and advice?  

Question 5:  Do you have a specific area that you want to work in?  Are you experienced in business? If so, what area of business?  I’m thinking of the television show “Restaurant Impossible”, where an expert in restaurants works with failing restaurant owners to turn their business around.  Are you a restaurant expert who can do that? Are you experienced in sales? Are you experienced in select areas where you can help individuals grow and improve?

Question 6:  How can you get the experience and knowledge to be a great life coach? Can you help insurance agents increase their sales?  Or furniture companies and furniture sales people increase their sales. What life experiences do you have that give you the confidence and ability to help another person to determine their life skills?  

Yes, you can be a life coach, but you need to be ready for the position!!!

More tomorrow!!


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