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Seven habits of Extremely Happy People

We’ve had the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for several years (and I’ve even used it in classes).  I found this website and wanted to talk about it.

So, let’s see how might might fit you!!

-1 Recharge your batteries!!  Hmmm … in the last week, I’ve written about unplugging, about days of rest (or Sabbaths), about Sabbatical times off.  I recharge my iPhone overnight -getting to bed at a good things to recharge. Taking vacations, even taking in movies.

So, what do you do to recharge?  Play golf? Play bridge? Binge watch TV?  Take a hot bath? Taking a nice walk or hike?  Riding your bike? Get away from work – and recharge.

-2 Visualize a happy life!! Visualization is a great concept for a lot of things.  What would be the perfect vacation? Lying on the beach in Hawaii? Sitting on a bench after a hike to the top of a lookout on the Appalachian Trail?  Having your family together on Thanksgiving?

Picture a happy future – maybe like the classic western final scene, riding off into sunset.  I have a favorite memory – holding my twin granddaughters the first time. Visualize happiness!  You are what goes into your mind. If you think happy thoughts, you are on the road to happiness.

-3 Practice gratitude.  The article suggests keeping a journal where you write three things you are happy for each day.  This helps you to focus on happy things that you are grateful for!!! “In everything give thanks”.  

You can work on smiling at everybody you meet.  I like making eye-contact in the grocery store (or other public places) and giving a big smile and a nod.  I even like saying “Hi” when I’m walking and hiking. I say “thanks” to the clerks and may even make small talk “It looks like a busy day today” to the grocery clerk.  To the clerk at the counter at the senior center, say “hello” and add “I’m glad you are here”. (And mean it).

-4 Unplug!!  Get away from work.  To be happy, you need to get away from work, to make time for things you like; things that make you happy.  Don’t walk around staring at a tiny screen – look up, smile. You know if you spend more than 25 hours a day on your computer or smartphone, you will go blind!!!

-5 Laugh.  Find opportunities to get in some belly laughs every day.  The old concept is “laughter is the best medicine” is still true.  Did you hear about the tomato that was severely injured in a car accident?  He will partially recover, but, he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.   Did you hear about the roof? Probably not, it’s above your head. Do you know that prisoners have to use ‘cell’ phones.   Do you know why basketball is such a messy sport? You dribble on the floor!!

-6 Go outside.  On the nice days, take a walk.  Go to art shows, to parks, or museums.  Take time to smell the roses. Plus you get vitamin D.

-7 Exercise.  Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, ward off feelings of anxiety and depression, and also boosts self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be hard.  I’ve seen studies that say 20 minutes of walking three times a week will help you avoid some aspects of dementia and help both your attitude and physical condition.

They also have a link to a Happiness Quiz:

Why don’t you try it?



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