Blog #558 National Unplugged day.

Unplug and grow

National Day of “Unplugging” (dot com)?  Really – a day to unplug?

Why not.  March 1-2 Sundown to Sundown (or from Friday night about 7 p.m. to Saturday night 7:p.m.),

This group, which also links to the Sabbath Manifesto (see: is encouraging people to unplug their devices for 24 hours.  Unfortunately (when I looked yesterday, January 5th) they were out of little cell phone sleeping bags.

The pictures from the main page at National Day of Unplugging say things like:

  • Unplug to “cherish the moment”
  • Unplug to “reconnect”
  • Unplug to “have a life worth living”
  • Unplug to “love myself”
  • Unplug to “course correct/remember who I am”
  • (and a fun one) Unplug to go potty!!

(I have to comment.  I may look at my messages when I’m in the restroom, but I drew the line at the guy next to me talking on the phone at the same time he is using the facility (flushing and all).  I don’t think my friends really need to hear him (ah …) using the toilet!!)

I also see this in restaurants – couples sitting next to each other both staring at their phones, where they should be holding hands, sharing discussions of their days (and lives) – instead, they are on their phones, checking out <whatever> – athletic scores, sales at your favorite store, the latest tweet or text.  There is an ad when the group is deciding ‘where they should go that weekend to stare at their phones!!!’.

There used to be an idea that on one’s deathbed, the person would say “I regret not spending enough time with my family” (as if on one’s deathbed, a person would say “I wish I would have spend more time at work”).  Maybe in a few years, we’ll get a new version “I regret spending too much time on trivial things like my phone”.

Now, don’t get me wrong – mobile/cell phones are great – at the right time.  I was in a minor rear-end accident* last night and I was glad I could call 9-1-1 and also call my wife to say I was okay (*not my fault).

Maybe the 24 hour period from sundown on March 1st to sundown on March 2nd might be a nice weather period, and you can go to a park and go walking.  If I was in Connecticut, I’d be going to Sleeping Giant State Park. In Texas, I’d be going to Brushy Creek Regional Park, or the Blue Hole on the South San Gabriel River. Or in South Dakota, riding my bike to Lake Herman State Park.

And, it the weather isn’t good, you could dig out the game of Monopoly (or Risk or other game that takes hours to fully play) and get the family together.  Maybe you could climb in the car and drive to an old friend’s house and have dinner with your friend (Duane Murray – watch out, I might be coming over).

I probably won’t fully be ‘unplugged’.  I’ll have the phone if there is an emergency, or possibly using my phone for GPS – but if I don’t need it, it will be tucked in its cell phone sleeping bag.

So, what is your excuse?  Are you going to “unplug” for National Unplug day?

What do you think?


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