Blog Post #556 Do you really want it – part II

Do you really want it – part II

We have been looking at New Year’s Resolutions.  Yesterday I asked “Do you REALLY want it”. Change requires deep commitment.  

Let’s say you have been diagnosed with diabetes.  You KNOW you should lose weight; you KNOW you can beat this.  But, as time goes on, it is just too hard to do it.

A concept to get motivated to change is to HATE the old life.  In a previous blog post, I said “I hate the word HATE” (that is for hating people).  But, I can HATE my situation, my old life.

I have to really HATE having diabetes; I really have to HATE my body when I smoke; I really have to HATE being an alcoholic; I have to really HATE being fat.

HATE when used this way makes change possible.  If you look at yourself and say “I guess I’m not all that fat”; “I really like smoking more than quitting smoking”.  

In the linked article, the person describes working with a lady and the two of them ‘hate’ working at that particular place.  The author finally hates it enough and leaves that job. Years later, the author meets the lady and asks her if she is still at the same job.  She says ‘yes and that it is worse than ever’. She still ‘hates’ the job, but not enough to quit it. It seems like she likes to complain more than she really wants to change.

It is suggested that smokers who want to quit smoking go visit a hospital with people with lung cancer and with emphysema.  Seeming the result of smoking helps develop the ‘hate’ to stop smoking and to give up smoking.

Others have suggested to ‘pain’ on the current situation – how bad it is to be overweight, how terrible smoking is; how bad it is to be in debt; how miserable it is to not be educated.  Then to make the changed situation to be ‘glorious’.

So, back to diabetes – the website lists these factors: “Nerve damage; increased rates of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks; kidney failure; damage to the eyes and even blindness; loss of limbs due to circulation problems; and more. So, yeah, diabetes is no joke.”  Is that a good enough reason to hate being diabetic?  Is that a good enough reason to see losing weight and managing our food choices to be ‘glorious’.  

If you are making New Year’s Resolutions and setting SMART goals for yourself, then if you REALLY want to change, then you need to hate the old and embrace the glorious change.  

Can you do that?  Is it WORTH it to you to reach those goals?  Do you REALLY want it?

Yes, it is worth it; yes, you can do it!!


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