Blog Post #555 Do you REALLY want it?

Blog #555 Do you REALLY want it (goals)

Yesterday I wrote about goals and SMART goals (and the day before that writing about New Year’s Resolutions).

But, I have to follow it up with this – do you REALLY want it?

We start talking about goals – and sometimes we can really talk BIG.  YEAH, I’m going to get in shape!! YEAH, I’m going back to school. YEAH, I hate this job, and I’m going to quit and get a job I like.  YEAH, I can do this. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!

But, do you REALLY want it?

Do you know what it means to get into shape?  It means getting up and going to the gym – on those COLD mornings, when you would rather stay in bed.  It means forgoing that donut and eating broccoli. It means sweating (until you stink and have to shower).  It means aerobic exercises – like jogging; and anaerobic exercise with high output intervals. It means weight training.  It means an hour a day (at least) working out. It might mean missing out on things you like to exercise. Do you REALLY want it?

In the link, the author has a video of a boxer who REALLY wants it – (even down to pawning jewelry and going to the paid blood donation site).  

She also talks of a friend from the days they worked together at a dead-end job, and how they both talked of quitting every day (she did and the friend didn’t)

Do you REALLY want to play the piano?  It might be less work than getting into shape (or does it)? It means at least an hour a day practicing; it means going to lessons week after week and getting scolded for not practicing enough; it means playing endless scales until your fingers ache.  

Do you REALLY want to be a professor (this one’s for me).  It means education upon education. It means long hours in the library (or long hours online reading scholarly articles).  For me, it meant leaving my family every Sunday night and driving six hours to the graduate school (and then driving home every Friday afternoon.  For me, it meant little income for a year, and big expenses (tuition, living expenses in a town six hours away, plus the angst of pushing myself when the journey got tough and long.

Yes, I talked about SMART goals yesterday – by July 31, 2019 I will weigh no more than 200 pounds, and I will be ecstatic about that.  Yes, the end is great, but in-between there is a lot of work to do. Am I (or you) disciplined enough to get through the work to get the glory?

Or, do we talk of changing and improving and becoming the Best Version of Yourself – but that is only ‘lip-service’.  When ‘push comes to shove’ can we stay the course, or crumple like cheap sheet metal?

Do you REALLY, REALLY want it?  If you do want it, you CAN!!


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