Blog #551 – The Best Version of You – part III

Blog #551 the Best Version of you – part III

We’ve been looking at the Time Magazine about the Best Version of You – leading up to New Years. Today is our third installment.

-9 Don’t count the hours!!  If you have determined that a particular activity is something you like, something in which you can become better (I’ve used golf, quilting, knitting, walking, and art) in the past), don’t count the hours.  Do the activity until your brain says “stop for today”. Sure, keeping a schedule is important, but not so important that the clock determines the lesson. As a teacher, there were times when I almost reached an important point in a lesson when the hour said ‘done’.  There were many times that I kept a class for that extra minute to make that point. We could come back tomorrow and finish that point, but I wanted that point to be in their brain.

Maybe the quilter was almost done with a quilt square – unless there is a pressing time issue, finish it.  (If you have dinner in the oven, that takes a higher priority!!). If you are knitting and just finally got the basics of a particular stitch or method, do another (or two or three or many) to get that concept in your brain.  Maybe on the golf course, you hit a ‘perfect’ nine-iron shot on the 18th hole. You could go to the practice area and hit a bucket of balls with your nine-iron to cement that thought in your brain. Learning and becoming the best version of you may take many hours – but don’t let the hours defeat your lesson.  If you are relearning to play piano, go an extra half-hour in your practice to get that tricky left-hand fingering for a piece.

-10 Accept help from others.  This ties in with the networking point from yesterday.  Get help. It might be the anonymous help of a YouTube video – or the hands-on help of a friend.  Ask somebody that you respect (and trust) to comment on your quilt, your knitting project, or your artwork.  Note, this has to be somebody you trust – and somebody ‘nice’. There are experts that will cut you down and belittle you and your work.  DON’T ASK THEM!! (Find a nice, older and gentle woman who cares about people – generalization). Turn your brain on – and learn. Your traditional learning involved lessons – and practice. You trusted your teachers (in most cases) and then did homework.

-11 The article suggests launching a personal website.  These can be free (like having a blog on Facebook). There are free blogging sites (like Blogger or Tumbler).  I have paid for – worth it to me.  You can also find free websites like Wix or Webs.  For me, my blogging is getting me to think – to improve – and to become the best version of me.

-12 Likewise, this article suggests writing on Quora.  Writing is good, finding a platform is okay.

-13 Ignore social media.  People only post ‘nice’ things on Facebook (and other media).  I didn’t post about depression after my surgery a year-and-one-half ago on Facebook.  Social media is bad for beginners in something. If I want to jog, and I am in a jogging group on Facebook and they are all posting about running marathons, and about their speeds will make me want to stop.  

-14 Celebrate small victories. Again, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  I know a lady that has had a stroke, has diabetes and is obese, has worked on walking a few steps farther each and every day.  

How about you?  What is the best version of you that you want to be in 2019?  How are you going to get there?

Tomorrow a New Year’s Eve thought, then we will finish this in 2019!!!


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