Blog #550 the Best Version of You – part II

The Best Version of you – part II

Today I’m continuing a series on the Best Version of you – started by Time Magazine.

-5 Network.  Hey, if you want to be the best version of you, you need to learn what to do to be the best version of you.  In my previous example, I mentioned quilting. If you want to be the best version of you as a quilter – you need to go to the quilt shops, to the quilt shows, watch quilt videos on YouTube, network with quilters.  Find somebody (initially) who won’t laugh at your early efforts and who can gently give you suggestions and positive comments. If you are going to be an artist, find an amateur artist in your gendre and network with them.  Recently I’ve been using MeetUp and finding groups. It seems like there are groups for almost anything. Maybe I need to find a ‘beginning artist group. (I’ve found hiking groups for seniors and a 60 plus for fun group that plays cards).  While I don’t think being the best Hand-and-Foot Canasta player in the world is my goal, the best version of me involved being social, getting out and meeting people, being an encourager (like I ‘always’ have been) and playing canasta with seniors will help me become a better social version of myself (and get me out of the house and involved).

-6 Don’t sweat the details.  If the best version of you is to be a better golfer, get out and play the game.  Find a three-some on the first tee and ask to join them. As you play, you can ask for help (“Which club should I use”). The idea here is to start in the right direction.  The old Chinese proverb is “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. If you want to be a better knitter, start knitting. Find some books and challenge yourself to try slightly bigger things.  If you want to be more physically fit, you don’t have to buy the top-of-the-line marathon shoes, but get some reasonable, comfortable shoes (you probably have some in your closet for walking a couple of miles). As your journey continues and you get to be a better you, you can work on the details.

-7 Get free help.  Yes, free (and frequently great) help is available at the click of a button (and typing “YouTube”) into the search engine.  You want to be a better golfer, quilter, walker, jogger, knitter, cook, whatever – you can watch videos. Another alternative is Pinterest.  You want to find a better way to clean the bathroom (hey, that can be part of being a better version of you) you can find hundreds of suggestions on Pinterest.

-8 Write.  The article suggests writing on Medium.  I’ve looked at Medium some, but haven’t written anything (and for a person who loves to write, maybe I need to branch out and put some of these blog idea together.  Writing does cause a person to reflect and to organize one’s thoughts. I’d suggest writing a blog or a journal. In this past year of writing almost every day, I think I’ve gotten to be a better version of myself as a coach, mentor, encourager.  Sometimes that comes as I need to use item #7 (get free help) from Google and other places (like this source today.

I’m sure we will get farther in the next few days, but I want to add a thought.  Your attitude determines almost everything. If you think you can’t write and do even try writing, you will not become a better writer.  Even if you watch every video and follow every link about being a great writer and blogger, but you don’t actually write, you haven’t done much to be the best version of you.

I can remember my first teaching job and coaching.  We could have spend the whole pre-season time in the classroom diagramming basketball plays, and watching videos.  But, if that was the concept, when we put on the jerseys for the first time and walked onto the basketball court, we would have no clue as to what to do.  Theory and practice go hand-in-hand.

More tomorrow!!!


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