Blog Post #549 Becoming the best version of you!!

Blog #549 Becoming the Best Version of you – part I

Who are you?  Why am I here?  What is the purpose of my life?

Tough questions and important questions.  

Over time in this blog, I have tried to explore this topic.  We looked at Simon Sinek and “Getting to Why” (see:

Today’s blog doesn’t go that deep into “Why”.  With a New Year (2019) around the corner, we are looking at Time Magazine’s “Becoming the Best Version of you”

So, let’s look at the Best Version of you!!

-1 Show up.  Would you like to eventually run a marathon? Or a 5K? Or enter a quilt (or other item) in the county fair?  SHOW UP.
If you want to do the marathon or 5K – show up, lace your shoes and start.  Maybe in that first run, you only get a half-a-mile; but that is farther than nothing.  I once did a 20K (about 12.5 miles). I came in about 8 people before the last runner (after about 2000 people).  BUT I DID IT. It took me all summer to do it. I started with three miles, then worked up to five miles, then to eight miles and finally to the full 12.5 miles.  It took me about five months from adopting this plan to executing it. AND … I was ahead of millions of people who never tried!!!

-2 Start from the beginning.  Let’s say you want to play golf.  You buy some clubs and go to a golf course.  You might have watched some videos, watched golf on TV and headed out.  In your brain, you are going to shoot 72 for your first eighteen holes. But, you probably will end up with a score over 100 (maybe closer to 150).  You have to start at the beginning. If you want to knit an afghan, you might start with knitting some simple squares. But – starting is something.  Take your time. (I’m going to be an artist – I have my first ‘major’ item on my table now!! Check back with me next year at this time!!!)

-3 This is YOUR BEST VERSION of YOU – not somebody else’s version.  Again, if you want to play golf, don’t compare yourself to Tiger Woods – compare to you.  Over time you should get better. If you can take one stroke off your score each month, in five years you will have taken SIXTY strokes off your score.  And if you started at a score of 150, you are now down to 80!!! Don’t compare to others – this is the best version of YOU!!!
Aside.  I have a friend that had the opportunity to retire at 50.  He had three best selling books in his academic field. His parents had died and left him with wealth.  Each year (or every-other-year), he would update the textbooks with some new material), and the books still sell – I see on Amazon that one of his texts is in the 12th edition.  He decided to play golf – every day (he lived in San Diego at the time). He took lessons, he got relatively good. For probably four years, he played almost daily and worked weekly with a golf pro.  His scores were in the mid-eighties – which was good for his age. At some point, he decided that he had become the BEST VERSION of a golfer he could become – and went back into education (and he, was a good professor). Lesson- you don’t have to do an activity forever!!

Maybe your quilt will never win “The Best Quilt” at the county fair; maybe your apple pie won’t win the pie contest, but you reach the “Best Version” of you.  

-4 Don’t expect a miracle and don’t expect shortcuts. If you want to be YOUR best version of a blogger (one of my goals), you have to write (and write, and write). This past year, I have written this blog something like 348 days (okay, I missed a few days).  You can judge if these blogs are ‘good’; but for me, it is part of being the best version of ME!!

What do you want to be in 2019?  How can you work at being the best version of YOU in 2019?

(To be continued)


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