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Boxing Day!!

It is BOXING DAY!!!  (It is a national holiday in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.  The article states one traditional reason for boxing day:

“The name is a reference to holiday gifts. A ‘Christmas Box’ in Britain is a name for a Christmas present. Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants and the day when they received a ‘Christmas Box’ from the master. The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give ‘Christmas Boxes’ to their families.”

It is NOT a day to box (as in sparring or fighting), but boxes (as in gift boxes).  

It is not a day (at least in the UK and Ireland) to return boxes to the stores.  I worked as a Customer Service Rep for one Holiday Season at Kohl’s and yes, December 26th was “returning boxes to the store” (with statements like “this isn’t my size”, ”I don’t like the color”, etc.)  I do realize that presents/gifts may not be what the recipient wanted!!!

So, how might we make this an American “Boxing Day”?  

A second tradition according to the article is a ‘poor box’ concept: “The name is a reference to charity drives. A box to collect money for the poor traditionally and placed in Churches on Christmas day and opened the next day – Boxing Day.

How about a boxing day for friends – not quite close enough for gifts, but still special.  I never lived in New York City, but I know during the Holiday Season many people received special tips and gifts – like doormen, trashmen, cleaning ‘ladies’, others.  

How about boxes of goodies for the homeless (in the Austin area, there are many).  Include a few homemade cookies plus small gift cards to McDonald’s or other locations.  How about boxes of goodies to our neighbors – to have good neighbors, you have to BE a good neighbor.  (We say ‘hi’ to our neighbors to the north of our house – but really don’t interact with them – maybe this is our time to really be friendly and neighborly?)  How about thoughtful gifts to others – people in our workplaces; pastors, priests, rabbis, others; even people at our banks, salons, doctor’s offices? We might even put in a little note that says how much we appreciate them (and, appreciating somebody is really ‘kind of loving them’).  

There is also a box from Greek Mythology – Pandora’s box.  Seemingly that box held all the evil in the world, but when Pandora opened it a second time, HOPE came out of the box.

I’d like to give a box to all my friends, and to the whole world – a box that has hope; a box that has peace – both internally and worldwide/externally; a box that has joy; and a box that has love.  Maybe 2019 can be a year of hope, peace, joy, and love!!!

Happy Boxing Day 2018!!!


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