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Overcoming Holiday Blues

This time of year is frequently hard for many people.  Family traditions maybe have been broken by the death of a grandparent, divorce, separation, sickness, money and more.

In this article, CNN tells of an NYC woman who has to work on Christmas Eve, who doesn’t have the money to fly to visit her boyfriend or family. Again woman is experiencing the blues since she separated from her husband earlier this year.

But, the article suggests four survival tactics:

  1. Find social support.  Get out and do something.  Go to a Christmas/Holiday party.  Go to a ball game, a movie – with a friend or friends.  If you can’t get ‘home’ for the holidays, find somebody else in the same situation and do things together
  2. Get to the gym.  As you exercise, endorphins will help brighten your day and your attitude
  3. Limit your social media.  People post happy events on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram).  You are sitting all by yourself – alone, and seeing picture after picture of families and friends having fun can really hurt you.  Call your friends, text your friends, but don’t look at friends having a happy time!!!
  4. Reframe your thinking.  Get out, volunteer. See if you can be a Salvation Army bellringer.  Help serve a community meal. Our church generally delivers turkey and more to low income and shut-ins this time of the year.

Don’t let the calendar bring you down.

And … on the flip side, if you know somebody from work or wherever that can’t get home for Christmas, invite them for dinner, invite them to go to church with you, invite them to watch college football games with you.  

I talked with a mental health counseling friend recently who said she was already booked up for most of December – mostly from the Holiday Blues.  Be a friend, invite friends – start some new traditions.

What do you think?


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