Blog Post #527 What goes into your mind

What goes into your mind.

“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”-Zig Ziglar


“If you are not happy with who you are or where you are, that’s ok. YOU are not stuck. YOU can change what goes into your mind. The choice is YOURS.”  Zig Ziglar


I’m not sure when I hear my first Zig Ziglar tape (yes – cassette tape).  I had heard the name and the local public library had some of his books (See You at the Top) and some of the audio tapes.  The motivation was real, the logic was real – not quite to a ‘think and grow rich’ concept, but you can change, you can become more. But, it is up to you.


So, I am going to use a personal illustration today.  In April 2017, I was feeling miserable and finally went to an emergency care facility.  I had a blood pressure of 213 over 161 and a pulse of 165. I was ‘running a fire hose at full pressure’ through my heart and aorta.  It had torn several holes in the aorta – and one more tear and I would have died. While I know I am going to die someday, I want to live longer and see my grandchildren grow up.  I had surgery on July 5, 2017, and the surgeon said: “You are lucky to be alive”. (This was a 6.5-hour surgery, my heart was stopped so they could work in that area; my body temperature was lowered to 69 degrees.)

Lucky to be alive – sure.  Maybe I should play the lottery if I was so lucky.

Yes, I was alive, but after the surgery, depression set in.  I was ‘worthless’. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t lift things (including my grandchildren – who love piggyback rides), I couldn’t mow the lawn.   Just a lot of things I couldn’t do. I tried to walk two miles – a mile east to the elementary school and back. Coming back I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.  I stopped to rest and t0 catch my breath frequently. Yes, I was worthless. I sat around the house, trying to hide from myself. I had no purpose.

There was a time when I needed to cross a busy street, with cars whizzing by me, that I thought I could just step out in front of a speeding truck and be done with life.

But, I have a purpose.  What was going into my mind was junk – depression junk.  I wasn’t worthless. If nothing else I have five glorious grandchildren, a wonderful wife, good friends, and good (past) students.  If you will, I was having a ‘pity party’. “Oh, woe is me”.

Depression is ugly.  It robs us of the value we do have, it robs us of the joy we could have, it robs us of how we can put a smile on other’s faces.  I can (and do) write – from this daily blog to a novel to two motivational books. I have value.

I can’t say that I’m on totally over that, I can say that sometimes I allow depressive thoughts into my mind.  


BUT – the choice is MINE – I GET TO CHOOSE MY ATTITUDE!!!  I can choose to be positive, I can choose to be upbeat, I can choose to have value to others.


Or, parallel – the CHOICE IS YOURS.  You get to choose your attitude. What will it be?

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