Blog #523 Nine habits that take away your happiness – part II

Coaching for Life Success: Bad Habits that can lead to unhappiness Part 1

Yesterday we started looking at this article about bad habits that can lead to unhappiness.  The habits yesterday were: 1) Holding your feelings in; 2) Too much technology; 3) Spend too much time and effort getting ‘things’, and 4) Waiting for the future.

Today, we will look at the last five items from this article:

5- Fighting change.  Guess what? Change is inevitable!!  You are fighting against things you as one person can’t stop.  Try to think about what could be ahead of you and prepare for that change.  I have fought against retirement, but, again, guess what – I can’t change that.  I can adapt and be ready for changes in my life and environment.

6- Pessimism.  The old statement from Henry Ford, if you think you can, or think you can’t – you are correct.  If you think something can’t happen for you-you are being pessimistic. You are holding yourself back and it becomes a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.  Get your head on start, be positive!!!

7- Keeping up with the Joneses.  This relates to #3 yesterday – getting ‘things’.  So, your neighbors have a new car; so, your neighbors have a new television; so your neighbors have the latest technology.  Don’t let envy blind you to what you have!! (There might even be one thing they have you are glad you don’t have – bills to pay off the ‘stuff’.  

8- Not improving.  If you get in the pessimistic loop, you don’t take the time to improve yourself.  Work at your vocabulary, work at your fitness, work at your knowledge of programming (or whatever).  Get smart – invest in yourself!

9- Staying home.  When you are unhappy, you want to have a ‘pity-party’.  You want to sit at home and sulk. The authors suggest that being antisocial will make you more isolated and unhappy.  Get out there, mingle, make friends.

Which ones match you?  Do you get out socially?  Are you making friends? Are you a pessimist?  Work to overcome those – and thus work on being happy!!!


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