Blog #522 Nine Habits that can lead to unhappiness – part 1

Coaching for Life Success: Bad Habits that can lead to unhappiness Part 1

Do we do things that turn us around?  That is things that shouldn’t be bad, but somehow starts us down the ‘unhappy’ path?  In today’s article, there are a couple of things that I need to think about.

Here we go!!

Item 1- Holding your feelings in.  Be careful with this item. You can’t explode like a volcano when things go wrong, but you do need to express your feelings.  If you hold your feelings in, they can build up. Maybe for some reason, you really don’t like professional football games, but you have never expressed this.  Every Sunday during the fall, your spouse turns on the television and assumes you want to watch the game. Maybe you don’t ‘hate’ professional football, but it really isn’t what you want to waste six hours of your time on a Sunday afternoon.  Keeping your feelings inside can lead to unhappiness.

Item 2- Too much technology?  We’ve all done it and seen it.  The couples at dinner with both of them on their smartphones.  We’ve seen it when we come home, the first thing we after we come in the door is turn on the television, turn on our computers.  The concept is “I don’t want to miss out”. Turn the phones off if you are at dinner with your spouse. Hopefully, you have plenty to talk about, your dreams, aspirations, even your feelings about things (like item 1 above).  

Item 3- Chasing after things. Some things are nice to have.  It is nice to have a nice television set, maybe a game console, a great backyard grill.  But, somethings ‘things’ get in the way of people. If you have children, have you taken time today to wrap your arm around them and hug them and tell them how proud you are of them?  The best things in life are not THINGS!!!

Item 4- Waiting for the future.  You might keep saying “In a few years I can retire”; or “Life will be much better in four years when our son goes off to college”; or “I can’t wait until I get promoted”.  There are three times in our lives – past, present, and future. The past is gone, and we can’t do much about that; the future is unknown and waiting for the future might be disappointing, but the present is NOW – live in the present!!  Work on being happy NOW.

So, which ones can you identify with?  I’m trying to work on expressing my feelings (in a gentle way) and also putting my phone away.  I can miss out on things. If they were important, they will come back.

What do you think?


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