Blog #521 Eight traits of successful people

Coaching for Life Success:  Eight traits to be successful

This article focuses on success traits – and says (point blank) that being smart (high IQ) isn’t one of them!!!

Let’s see.

1- Self-Regulation.  Can you keep your emotions in control?  Even in tense situations, you can handle yourself rationally.  Get the facts first, keep cool and react after you have done some thinking.

2- Growth Mindset.  If you want to be successful, you need to be thinking ahead, thinking of your next idea, You have a plan and direction of where you are going.  You can overcome challenges and move ahead.

3- Resilience.  Hey, you can’t bat 1.000 (even the best hitters in the Baseball Major Leagues hit about ⅓ of their trips to bat.  Very few teams win 100% of their games. You have to pick yourself up and go again. Don’t quit!!

4- Passion.  Okay – this is a ‘biggie’.  Are you enthusiastic and passionate about what you are doing?  Passion can overcome weak spots as you push towards success.

5- Empathy.  You need to put yourself in other’s shoes.  Can you understand them? Can you meet THEIR needs rather than your own?  Taking care of customers/clients/employees before taking care of yourself.  When your company makes its first million, don’t buy yourself a big new car, but take care of the people who made it possible

6- Conscientious.  Put effort into planning and working your plan.  The old adage of “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’.  Plan ahead? What is coming up in 2019 for you? What technologies are on the horizons that you need to know?  As Stephen Covey would say “Sharpen the Saw”

7- Openness to experience.  An adage I like is “You learn from your mistakes”.  Of course, you (and I) will have mistakes. Learn from them.  What could you have done differently? Be curious about how things work.  Be a lifelong learner!!!

8-Social Skills.  Network, network, network.  Find a great mentor. Bring a great team together.  Have role models and milestones along the way to keep you on the right path.

Story.  In the 1990’s, personal computers were just becoming a hot commodity.  Apple, of course, had its unique model. But, PC’s were open. Many companies made PCs.  Even Olivetti typewriter company made PC’s (and sold them under the AT&T brand). One of these companies was very successful.  Their profit margin was very slim, but by making and selling a lot of computers they were profitable. Eventually (note – this is MY opinion and my speculation), the CEO decided he was a great leader; he made it all come together; he was ‘invincible’.  And … (again, my opinion) lost his edge, lost the passion, lost the vision, and eventually lost his company (actually sold it for a bargain to another company). Stay humble, or as attributed to Yogi Berra “It ain’t over until it’s over”

It isn’t necessarily the smartest, the best products as it is the perseverance, passion, conscientious that comes out on top.  

How about you?  How do you stand on these eight principles?  Can you do it – and be successful?



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