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Coaching for Life Success:  Technology for Aging #2

Continuing the look at technology for seniors from yesterday.  Today, we are going to look at the last five technologies:

Wireless Internet
Wireless home monitoring
Home assistive devices

1- Wireless Internet.  So many devices need to get (and give) information across the internet.  The IoT (Internet of Things) can be so useful to seniors. With items like Amazon Alexa or Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod, seniors (and people) can ask questions like What is the Temperature? Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1986? (Geraldine Page), Is the Packer game on TV this weekend – and what channel? Let alone “Alexa, I have fallen and need help”.  With wireless internet, seniors (and all) don’t have to fuss with wires all over the place. Want to print something? Your wireless network connects to your wireless printer.

2- Smartphones.  For some seniors, the advent of smartphones has been bewildering.  (Let along the rest of us). Should I buy the Apple iPhone or one of the android phones? Smartphones can come with larger keys and larger displays (for some of those weakened senior eyes).  

3- Wireless home monitoring.  Having your home monitored gives peace of mind for families of seniors.  Falls, fires, and other problems can be detected and reported. Even for break-ins and other factors (like Ring to see who is at the door), home monitoring is good for seniors

4- GPS – Families can track where their senior family members are located.  “Is Grandpa lost” can be answered with GPS. Even for the regular trips, the seniors can put the location (going to daughter’s house, etc.) into the GPS unit (or spoken into the GPS unit) [In reality, I am LOOKING FORWARD to autonomous cars that I can speak the directions and don’t have to drive.  If Grandpa has some health issues while driving and passes out, GPS and autonomous cars can keep tabs on Grandpa.

5- Home assistive devices.  More and more devices have been adapted for seniors.  Stoves can detect when the soup is done (or that a burner is left on); sinks/water taps can detect when a faucet is running (or a toilet is running).  

So, technology can make better for senior – and also give more peace of mind to families.

What do you think?


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