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Coaching for Life Success:  Update on Self-driving cars

The article is a good overall review of where the car makers are with self-driving cars.

They do delineate levels of self-driving from 0 to 5 – or no automation to full automation.  The article looks at levels 3, 4 and 5. 3 is Conditional Automation; 4 is High Automation and 5 is Full Automation.  

Their comments:

GM – Rumors of Self-Driving by 2018 (hmmm – they better come along quickly – there is only a month and ½ left in the year!!

Ford – True Self-Driving by 2021.  The article stated: “Ford Motor CEO Mark Fields told CNBC that Ford plans to have a “Level 4 vehicle in 2021, no gas pedal, no steering wheel, and the passenger will never need to take control of the vehicle in a predefined area.”

Honda – Self-driving on the highway by 2020.  (Using Waymo – a subsidiary of Alphabet (which used to be known as Google – ever heard of them?))

Toyota – Self-driving on the highway by 2020

Renault/Nissan – 2020 for autonomous cars in urban conditions and 2025 for fully-automated cars

Volvo – Self-driving on the highway by 2021

Hyundai – Highway 2020; Urban Driving by 2030

And others (check it out)

The situation seems to all car makers are chasing each other.  But, it also seems that advances are being made. [Hmm… the major car companies seem to have purchased start-ups in the autonomous car area and adapting their vehicles to that start-up.  So, … if any of you want to pair up with me, we will make the WhiteMobile – a fully automated car on paper. Incorporate, give all up stock and wait for one of the car companies to buy us up!!!]

I see lots of positives here.  Less accidents, cheaper car insurance, less speeding tickets (hmm … I hope some of the ‘speed trap’ towns think of what they are going to do with less revenue); help for the really tired drivers who shouldn’t be on the roads, but are trying to get home even though they are falling asleep; and more.  Grandpa can still ‘drive’ even when with current models he shouldn’t be driving.

I am excited about this development.  How about you?


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